Teruyuki Kagawa, popular for his unique MC, “looks a little tired”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Teruyuki Kagawa, popular for his unique MC, “looks a little tired”.

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The morning information program “THE TIME'” (TBS) started this month. Teruyuki Kagawa (55), who is the MC for Friday, has been attracting attention for his ability to talk.

As soon as he arrived on the scene, he was full of energy, greeting everyone involved, but in between takes, he suddenly showed a tired expression.

“On the first day of his appearance, he talked about the earthquake that hit the Kanto region the night before, saying sincerely, ‘How grateful I am to have a normal morning. On the other hand, when the announcer of the live broadcast was immersed in water up to his chin in a limestone cave, he drew laughter with his unique way of saying, ‘Thank you for the way you put yourself out of words.

He is also doing very well as an actor, and has a unique presence in “Sinking Japan: A Man of Hope” (TBS). I saw Kagawa in Yokohama City one day in the depths of autumn. He was filming a movie, and there was an actor playing a police officer standing in front of a house with a restricted line, probably for a scene of crime investigation. Kagawa appeared and stared at the house with the onlookers. But when the camera cut to him, he looked tired and stuck out his tongue.

The filming of “The Sinking of Japan” had already been completed, but Kagawa’s schedule was full with other films. Even so, he is eager to bring out his own unique color in “The Time”. I’m sure he’ll come up with stories about insects, boxing, and other things he’s good at,” says a TV station insider.

This vitality is the secret to her popularity.

This magazine’s unpublished cut of Teruyuki Kagawa, the unique MC for Friday mornings, has been well-received. Is the super-successful actor a little tired?

From “FRIDAY” November 5, 2021 issue

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