Fan’s delight at Suzu Hirose’s “Bold white see-through dress with bare shoulders”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fan’s delight at Suzu Hirose’s “Bold white see-through dress with bare shoulders”!

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Suzu Hirose at her appointment as Shiseido’s “new muse” (AFLO)

Actress Suzu Hirose’s “daring shoulder-baring see-through dress” is getting a lot of attention, and the TBS documentary program “Jounetsu Tairiku” has released a video of her on its official Instagram page. I’m looking forward to it so much,” “She’s so cute~,” “It’s too good! I’m so happy!” “I love her!” and other comments of praise poured in.

Hirose was born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1998 and made her debut as a model in 2012, followed by her debut as an actress the following year. She won the 39th Japan Academy Prize for Best New Actor for her role in the movie “Umimachi Diary” and the 41st Japan Academy Prize for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “The Third Murder. She also played the lead role in the TV series “Natsuzora”. In the ten years since her debut, she has transformed herself into one of Japan’s most famous actresses.

It was in this context that Jounetsu Tairiku finally conducted a close interview with Hirose. I wondered what kind of expression she would show in this program that deals with a person of the moment.

“At first, she was a bit puzzled to be interviewed for a documentary for the first time in her life, but what came out was that she was sincerely facing her role without any pretense. The interview began in October last year. The camera followed Hirose as she went about her busy life, filming the movie “Inochi no Chushinjo” starring Sayuri Yoshinaga and the drama “An no Lyric” in which she played a rap-loving art student.

“In the interview, Hirose talks about her beliefs as an actress. I only read the script once, and I never write anything in it. I don’t have a solid acting plan before shooting, and I value my intuition on set. I want to have multiple emotions so that I can respond to any order. The interviewers were often surprised by her words and actions, which were unbelievable for a 23-year-old.

This is the video that Jounetsu Tairiku released before the broadcast. In the video, Hirose is wearing a bold white shoulder-baring tube top dress with lace over the top, laying down in a pose, applying makeup, and other interesting scenes from the show. The video ends with Hirose’s words, “I’ll do my best without forgetting my original intention.

Hirose is expanding her activities. We can’t take our eyes off her more and more. ……!

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