Yuma Nakayama’s 9-year ♡♡♡ date with his “older girlfriend” at an izakaya, karaoke bar, and a sleepover! | FRIDAY DIGITAL
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Yuma Nakayama’s 9-year ♡♡♡ date with his “older girlfriend” at an izakaya, karaoke bar, and a sleepover!

Hot Scoop: Behind the success of the "lonely elite" favored by Mr. Janie Kitagawa is the existence of his "bridesmaid

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Nakayama and Mr. A are walking through the streets of Gotanda after 9:00 pm. Perhaps the restaurant they were looking for was closed, they walked through the bar area to a chain karaoke bar.

On a certain weekend during the New Year’s holidays, a man suddenly appeared from a tavern in Azabu Juban (Minato-ku, Tokyo), which was crowded with people. He was Yuma Nakayama, 28, with clear-cut eyes and nose peeking out from between his bucket hat and mask.

Standing beside Nakayama, who was chatting with a waiter who had come outside to see him off, was a beautiful black-haired woman who looked like Kasumi Arimura.

Nakayama and the beautiful woman bade the waiter farewell and began to walk side by side.

She–Ms. A–works at a restaurant and is five years older than Nakayama. I heard that when he was 19 years old, a mutual acquaintance brought them together by holding a dinner party, saying, ‘You two must be kindred spirits. In fact, they soon developed a relationship. They have been together for nine years now.

During his Jr. period, he formed the unit “NYC” with Ryosuke Yamada (29) and Yuri Chinen (29) of “Hey! He also formed the unit “NYC” with Ryosuke Yamada (29) and Yuri Chinen (29) of “Sexy Zone,” “SixTONES,” and “Johnny’s WEST,” and was active both in Tokyo and Kansai. However, after 2001, he made a complete turnaround and turned the helm to solo activities.

He was often envied because he could sing, dance, and act, in addition to being Janney’s favorite. When he formed a group with other Jr. members at that time, they were treated differently, as if they were ‘Yuma Nakayama with 00.’ After meeting Mr. A in ’13, he started to concentrate on his solo activities in accordance with Mr. Janney’s wishes, but he did not get a breakthrough. He went to college thinking about the future, but I think he felt lonely seeing his former friends debuting with groups one after another,” said an entertainment agency official.

It is said that it was Mr. A who supported such a “solitary elite” behind his back.

Let us return to the date scene. After leaving the izakaya, they were walking shoulder to shoulder when suddenly Nakayama stopped a cab in the flow. The celebrities’ favorite places to hang out are Azabu and Roppongi, but the cab carrying the two was headed for Gotanda Station, dazzling with the neon lights of love hotels. However, instead of going to a hotel, they went to the reception desk of a karaoke bar.

The couple went to the reception desk of a karaoke bar. In November, they went on a trip to Fukuoka.

After singing for three and a half hours, the two paid the bill and walked to Gotanda Station. Even when they reached a busy street, the two did not keep their distance. They boarded a cab at the rotary in front of the station and returned to their condominium in a prime Tokyo location.

They have been together for nine years, and I think they are thinking of getting married.

The two have built a relaxed relationship, almost like a married couple. We later visited Nakayama to find out the real story.

–Nakayama-san, this is Friday!


–You are dating Mr. A, aren’t you?


Nakayama walked quickly to the pickup truck with the reporter asking questions by his side. For a moment, he almost turned to the reporter, but in the end he got into the car without saying a word.

A man who has been through the rough and tumble of the entertainment world, and his “Kasuban no Tsubasa” wife who has been supporting him behind the scenes. Their nine years together cannot be described in a single word.

After a brief chat with the waitress who came out to see him off, he pointed at her and said, “Let’s go over there! and escorted her out.
After singing for three and a half hours, they left the karaoke bar in Gotanda. Nakayama celebrates his 10th anniversary as a solo singer this year.
Nakayama was directly interviewed by FRIDAY in the pick-up car. He used to live in the same apartment as Janie Kitagawa, but now lives in another townhouse in Tokyo.

From the January 6 and 13, 2023 issues of FRIDAY

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