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The top 9 most-read articles on love affairs in 2010 (9th to 7th)

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In 2010, many hot love affairs between men and women continued to make waves in the world. In this series, we will introduce the “Top 9” most-read hot love stories in “FRIDAY Digital” in 2010. First, we introduce the hot couples ranked from No. 9 to No. 7! (Ages and titles are as they were at the time of publication.

No. 9 Travis Japan’s Kanya Yoshizawa, who announced his study abroad, has a “secret love affair”!

It was around 8 p.m. in late February. They were probably on their way home from a trip, and were carrying large luggage. They were walking at a distance of about 2 meters in a quiet residential area.

I’m crazy longing to live with my lover. I don’t mind at all if I see their sloppy parts. I’ll love them until I die, even if they fart.”

When asked about his views on love in an idol magazine, Kanya Yoshizawa, 26, of the young idol group Travis Japan (a.k.a. “Toraja”), a member of Johnny’s, smiled for the camera and said, “I’d love to live with my lover until I die, even if he farted.

Travis Japan” has seven members, with an average age of 25, and is the most popular group at the office, with rumors in the industry that their debut will be announced soon. A source at a record company tells us, “‘Toraja’ was formed in ’12 by Yoshizawa.

The group was formed in ’12 with five members, including Yoshizawa, and after a change of members, the current seven members began their activities in ’17. With a reputation for dance, the group was chosen by Matsumoto Jun (38) and Takizawa Hideaki (39) after Kondo Masahiko (57) used them as back-up dancers, and they were also selected to perform on stage with “Arashi” and “Tackey & Tsubasa.’ In 2008, for the first time in Johnny’s Jr. each member held a solo concert. They are a talented and popular group, and when they post a photo on Instagram, it instantly receives nearly 100,000 “likes.

In November 2009, at a press conference held prior to the performance of a play in which they were to star, they made a passionate appeal for all the members to make their debut together. Takizawa, the vice president of Johnny’s and the director of the play, responded to this appeal with a positive comment, “I believe that the time will come when we can all confidently say ‘I’m ready’ at the right moment, when they can spread their wings. It has been two years since the debut of “SnowMan” and “SixTONES,” their senior group. Fans are hoping that this year, the year of the tiger, will be the “right time” for them to make their debut.

In mid-February, Yoshizawa, who introduced his views on love at the beginning of this article, was seen on a certain main street in Tokyo. He was wearing a black bucket hat and round glasses. Holding several brand-name paper bags in his hands, he walked at a brisk pace. Ahead of him was a petite, fair-skinned woman who kept a certain distance from him. She may have been on a trip somewhere, carrying a large baggage, and occasionally looking back at Yoshizawa walking behind her. After walking for a while and entering a path, Yoshizawa, who was walking behind her, runs up to her and they join forces. They entered the same apartment building, being wary of their surroundings.

He was an older hairdresser, A, and they had been dating for about four years. She is A, an older hairdresser, and they met at a blind date through a mutual acquaintance. Mr. Yoshizawa fell in love with A at first sight. He went to the beauty salon where she worked as a customer and made a fierce attack on her, and they eventually developed a relationship. They dated for three and a half years and then broke up once, but they got back together last summer. Even now, Mr. Yoshizawa goes to the hair salon where she works and has A cut and color his hair.

Just recently, when Mr. Yoshizawa’s work settled down and he had some time off, they went on a trip to a hot spring in Izu. A said they enjoyed eating seafood bowls that were Instagram-worthy” (A’s acquaintance).

Another day, Yoshizawa and Ms. A were at a nearby convenience store. On this day, too, they walked a short distance into the store. After about five minutes, when Yoshizawa was still having trouble with the copier, she came over to him and looked into the copier, saying, “This is how you do it,” as if to say, “This is how you do it.

A is a year older than Yoshizawa, and she is a bit of a rustic. She is not a very good cook. At home, she does the housework quickly and efficiently, and we hear that Mr. Yoshizawa takes advantage of that. Originally, Mr. Yoshizawa’s parents had a large family, and he is the youngest child who grew up surrounded by older brothers and sisters. I think that spending time with A is a comfort to Yoshizawa, who has left his parents’ home to live his life as an entertainer in Tokyo.

After leaving the convenience store, the two walked at a distance again and disappeared together to their apartment.

Stars of the past such as “SMAP” and “Arashi” usually debuted in their teens. In recent years, however, it has become the norm for Johnny’s groups to debut after the age of 20. Today’s juniors may need someone who understands and supports them even after they debut after overcoming a long period of training.

From an article published in FRIDAY Digital on March 4, 2022

No. 8 “Indians” Akihiro Tabuchi “sleepover love” photo with “popular actress

Tabuchi leaves his home with Mino the morning after their sleepover. He boldly took off his mask and carried his trademark sunflower-patterned backpack to the nearest station.

That day, the two “Indians” were making a guest appearance at the solo live show of “Henderson,” a senior comedian.

After achieving success in the awards race in their hometown of Osaka, “Indians” entered the Tokyo market in 2004, and had been performing for three consecutive years until last year. The winning duo has been a finalist in the “M-1 Grand Prix” for three consecutive years until last year, and they are sought out not only for comedy events hosted by Yoshimoto, but also for live performances by their colleagues.

When the live show ended after 8:30 p.m., Akihiro Tabuchi (37), who is in charge of the bokeh, went straight home.

Tabuchi, who is known for his energetic, machine-gun-like delivery, was not at all exhausted from his hard schedule. In fact, the opposite was true. As soon as Tabuchi hurried home, a beautiful woman with a slit in her breast and skirt appeared from the darkness. She entered the room where he was waiting.

The woman Tabbutchan invited into the room was Suzume Mino (26). She is a popular actress exclusive to the “FALENO Group” with 93 cm G cups.

Suzume is a fan of “Indians” and often goes to their live shows, and they were introduced by a mutual acquaintance. They are both from Hyogo Prefecture and both former sportsmen, so I guess they hit it off,” said Tabuchi’s acquaintance.

Mino has released seven works so far this year on the “DAHLIA” label, which specializes in ladies’ wear. She is as machine-gun as Tabuchi. Incidentally, her stage name “Mino” comes from her encounter with Mino Monta (77) on the bullet train when she took the Shinkansen on her way to Tokyo.

Let us return to Tabuchi’s home.

The day after the sleepover, Tabuchi had a live concert starting at 10:30 a.m., but he left his house just after 9:15 a.m., just in time to be late. Tabuchi must have had a high-tension night, because he rubbed his sleepy eyes and headed for the venue.

It was a few weeks later when I ran into them again. Tabuchi came out of a bar in the basement of a commercial building with his eyes downcast, and Mino was right behind him.

Perhaps concerned that she was attracting the attention of the drunken crowd, Tabuchi did not take it well when Mino entwined her arms around him and whispered love in his ear, but he was unable to stop …… grinning.

I hit Tabuchi when he returned to the love nest.

–You are dating Mino-san, aren’t you?

“I’m not dating ……! We are just drinking buddies who met a few months ago.”

–Do you have any chance of developing a relationship with her?

“We get along well, but so far we haven’t talked about it.

–You stayed over together?

“We drank at home!”

–I heard that you haven’t had a girlfriend for 9 years.

It’s been almost 10 years! I’ve let things get complicated. But now my main focus is work. This year, I will be conscious of winning the “M-1″ championship!”

Mino also answered that Tabuchi is her “drinking buddy.

He is a very kind and considerate gentleman. He is a good listener, so he is like a big brother to me. He is also the best commentator on Ghibli in the world.

If he and Mino form an amusing duo, it will give them a boost on their way to winning the “M-1” championship, but will they?

From the article published in FRIDAY Digital on July 20, 2022

No.7 Hot Love! Kaho and the vocalist of a popular band, “Commuter Love” Two Shots!

Leaving the second restaurant, they went to Kaho’s house. On the way, he ran into an acquaintance of Watanabe’s and introduced Kaho to her. Kaho smiled and nodded in return.

It was 9:30 pm in mid-February when the weather was still cold. A woman comes out of a Chinese restaurant in Tokyo with a red face. The dark-haired beauty with large eyes that can be seen through her mask is actress Kaho (30). She was in a good mood and smiling, as if she had just had a good time. She was smiling and in a good mood, as if she was having a good time.

Kaho usually prefers monochrome clothes, but this time she was wearing a bright blue skirt. After leaving the Chinese restaurant, they started walking side by side. The tall man asked, “Are you drunk? Are you okay?” He looked into Kaho’s face as if to ask, “Are you okay? The two stopped at a coin-operated parking lot, and the man slowly took off his mask and started smoking a cigarette. A closer look at the man’s face revealed that he was Daichi Watanabe, 31, an actor and vocalist of the popular band “Kuroko Neko Chelsea.

Kuroko Neko Chelsea is a rock band formed by four members from Kobe. The band’s overwhelming live performances drew attention and made them popular in the subculture community. In the midst of all this, Watanabe won the Japan Academy Award for Best New Actor in 2010 for his performance in the movie “Shikisoku Zenereishon. He is also a hot actor who is rapidly gaining popularity, and is scheduled to appear in NHK’s morning drama “Chimudo-don” this spring as a young man who falls in love with the protagonist’s sister.

The two chatted and laughed, saying, “Let’s go to one more restaurant. After Watanabe finished his cigarette, they headed to the next restaurant.

Watanabe and Kaho got to know each other when they played a married couple in the movie “Blue Hour ni Batsuha” released in 2007. They had been friends ever since, but last fall they suddenly got closer. It seems that they developed into a serious relationship. They often go out on common dates, such as going to a popular izakaya (Japanese-style pub) that does not have private rooms, or buying their favorite food at a convenience store and spending time at home. Watanabe was probably attracted to the unpretentious Kaho, even though she is an actress,” said an acquaintance of Watanabe.

Currently, Kaho is in the midst of a “Much Ado About Nothing! (NTV), in which she plays the role of the best friend of the main character played by Mitsuki Takahata. The two managed to find time in between their busy work schedules to meet up with each other.

After leaving the second restaurant, they walked along a deserted backstreet for a while and went to Kaho’s apartment, cuddling. They enjoyed a sleepover date.

The next day, the two left Kaho’s house at noon and took a cab to Watanabe’s house. After spending the night, they went to the other’s house to hang out. An hour later, Watanabe and Kaho reappeared after changing their clothes. They looked somewhat excited and got into Watanabe’s car, which he drove off into the city in the late afternoon. While I wondered if they were going shopping somewhere, the car pulled into an interchange on the highway.

Under a clear, sunny sky, the car carrying the two drove westward on the Tomei Expressway, and an hour later they were driving pleasantly along the coast of Odawara. In the car, Watanabe seemed to be talking to Kaho, the passenger, constantly, explaining things like “That place is ……. As he happily talked to her as he drove, she relaxed in her seat. When the car stopped, Watanabe approached Kaho’s chest, who had taken off her down jacket, and said, “Mmmm! and they made out to their heart’s content.

In the movie, they play a manly wife and a calm husband, but in reality they are a couple like good friends, with Watanabe taking the lead in some scenes. Kaho is the type of person who values spending time with her lover. She wants to make time to see her boyfriend every day.

After enjoying the scenery of Odawara from the seaside road and the observatory, they headed back toward the city center. This COVID-19 crisis must have made the drive a special memory for the two, who often go on dates at home. The next day, they enjoyed another date at Kaho’s house.

When we confirmed the fact of their relationship with their agency, neither of them denied it, saying, “We leave the private matters to them. It may not be long before the two become husband and wife, just as they did in the movie that led to their encounter.

From an article published in FRIDAY Digital on February 25, 2022

  • Photographed by Ichiro Takatsuka, Sota Shima, Junsei Todoroki

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