Michopa, May J., Tadanobu Asano, Yusuke Santamaria… Celebrities married for 22 years “happily dating” photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Michopa, May J., Tadanobu Asano, Yusuke Santamaria… Celebrities married for 22 years “happily dating” photos

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May J. and Shogen holding hands as they walk down the street at night, photographed in June 2002.

In 2022, many celebrities, artists, female announcers, and athletes got married. FRIDAY” often witnessed them on their passionate dates. We would like to introduce you to some of the newlyweds, full of happiness, in these treasured photos.

To all of you who have always supported me, I am pleased to announce that I have entered into a marriage contract with actor Shogen, with whom I have been in a relationship for some time, on June 20, our mutual birthday.

The singer May J. (34), who made her breakthrough with the theme song of the hit movie “Anna and the Snow Queen,” reported her marriage on her Twitter account in June. Her partner is Shogen (44), a wild actor based in the U.S. who is 10 years older than her. After nine years of dating, they have finally made it to the goal. FRIDAY” caught them on a hand-holding date in June 2002, soon after they started dating.

That evening, May J. and Shogen were walking in Tokyo in a light rain. Holding hands without an umbrella, they made no pretense of being bothered by the rain. Perhaps it was a bit chilly, but when waiting at a traffic light, Shogen hugged May J. and rubbed her back. About two hours prior to this, the two friendly people had met up at …….

The restaurant is called “Origin Bento. The aura was overwhelming, and at first glance I felt that they were not ordinary people. The woman was full of transparency. The man with long hair and sandals gave a wild impression.

The two bought some side dishes at a bento store. As they started walking with their umbrellas, May J. slipped her hand into Shogen’s right arm. May J. and Shogen then went to the gym to work out. Shogen was the one with whom she could be “just as she is.

An aura that cannot be hidden even in a private party

The two were hiding their auras even though they kept their faces down throughout the photo shoot.

On October 22, celebrity Miyu Ikeda (24), aka Michyopa, updated her Twitter page and announced her marriage to model and actor Shimon Okura (29), with whom she had been dating for some time.

We are often told that we look alike and we are too close, so I hope we can continue to laugh together until our faces wrinkle and build a happy family.

In November 2009, FRIDAY caught up with the couple on a smiling date. The location was Tokyo Disney Sea in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture. Michopa was wearing a Dalmatian-print hooded scarf, fuzzy outerwear, and damaged jeans. Okura, on the other hand, was dressed in a chic black outfit.

Michyopa was looking at her boyfriend from time to time, and they seemed to be very much in love. It was very much like a ‘secret date. But they were wearing gal makeup and had distinctive eyes, so it was hard to hide their aura. I was excited when I saw them whispering to each other, “Hey, aren’t you and Michopa a couple? Some people were whispering, “Isn’t that a couple of Michyopas? Michyopa-san took her boyfriend’s arm and disappeared into the back of the park,” said a visitor who was there.

Michopa is so busy that not a day goes by that she is not seen on TV. Okura often supports her.

Michyopa is good at housework such as cooking and cleaning, but now she doesn’t have time to cook for herself. Okura has been actively supporting her in her daily life. Since appearing in NHK’s morning drama “Mare” in 2003, Okura’s acting ability has been gaining recognition, and since she has overwhelming support from people in their teens and 20s, I think she will continue to expand her activities in the future.

Celebrities who made 22 the best year of their lives with their marriages; we wish them continued happiness in 23!

Tadanobu Asano and Kurumi Nakata in June 2002. After leaving a soba noodle restaurant, they walked 3 km together closely.
June 2008. Yusuke Santamaria and the woman he is dating, who was perplexed by this magazine’s direct questioning but expressed her desire to get married.
Yuka Kosaka aka “Kosakana” and actor Rakuto Tochihara, who announced their marriage in January 2010.
Hironobu Komiya of “Sanshiro” and a beautiful yoga instructor leaving a convenience store on good terms, taken in April 2009.
Keita Inagaki, “the man who never smiles” of the Japanese national rugby team, and model Takako Arai, who jointly announced their marriage in January 2010.
TV Asahi’s Ayaka Hironaka, who announced her marriage to venture company president Shogo Okada in September 2010.
Former Fuji TV announcer Kuji Akiko, who announced her marriage to professional basketball player Watanabe Yuta in May 2010.
Karen Takizawa, who married an “ordinary man in the architecture field.
  • Photographed by Yuri Adachi, Etsu Itakura, Yusuke Kondo, Sota Shima, Ichiro Takatsuka, Junsei Todoroki, Keisuke Nishi

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