Masaki Okada and Maki Fukuda of “Heroine at 3 o’clock” have a “handsome date” with a handsome man. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Masaki Okada and Maki Fukuda of “Heroine at 3 o’clock” have a “handsome date” with a handsome man.

A surprising woman who spoils a good-looking actor is discovered and photographed!

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Okada and Fukuda enjoy a casual drink at a popular izakaya (Japanese-style bar). They were still talking at a table in the back of the restaurant 30 minutes before closing time.

One day in the midst of the year-end party season, a man and a woman were seen at an izakaya in Hatagaya, Tokyo. Even though it was only 6:30 in the evening, the restaurant was almost full. Tipping a glass by the wall in the busy restaurant was Maki Fukuda (34) of “Heroine at 3 o’clock” fame. A slender, good-looking man sits across from her.

After drinking for three and a half hours, they went to pay the bill. The moment the man left the restaurant, he took off his mask and looked around, and the streetlight revealed his true identity. It was actor Masaki Okada (33).

He said, “I’m going home.

Let’s go to one more restaurant.

It was 10:00 pm. Fukuda, not wanting Okada to leave, leads him down the shopping street. Okada was reluctant to leave at the first bar, but by the time they left the second one, he was in high spirits. They were laughing and giggling as they entered the third bar.

Okada’s drama “The Travel Nurse” (TV Asahi), in which he stars, recorded the program’s highest rating in its final episode. With a script by Miho Nakazono of “Doctor X” fame, it is said that the show will surely become a series. It is understandable that he is very happy. On the other hand, in her personal life, she was scooped for dating Yui Suzuki, 29, an announcer at Fuji Television Network, last June. In May of this year, they were seen together in a train on the Odakyu Line, and their relationship seems to be going well.

Just a few days ago, Suzuki returned from Qatar after covering the World Cup. In fact, it was Suzuki’s birthday, but Okada’s date was with Fukuda. No way these two ……!

However, 20 minutes after entering the izakaya, two women arrived at the restaurant by cab and joined Okada and the others. The mood at once became that of a year-end party.

The drinking session ended around the time the date changed, and the two women, who had joined the party from the third bar, returned home by cab. It seems that she was Fukuda’s junior colleague.

Alone together again, Okada and Fukuda walked shoulder to shoulder along the main street. The destination was Fukuda’s apartment. Expectations were high for these two …… men after all, but Okada bowed deeply before the entrance of the apartment and went home.

Fukuda is known for his love of handsome men. Although he did not take Okada home with him, he is a successful comedian who was able to keep the popular actor from getting bored and make a six-hour date with him a lively one.

Okada and Fukuda leave the third tavern. Two members of Fukuda’s idol group “Tsubomi Dairekusei” are by his side.
Masaki Okada and 3 o’clock heroine Maki Fukuda at a wine bar and izakaya (Japanese-style pub) on a handsome date.
Masaki Okada and Maki Fukuda, heroine of “3 o’clock”, wine bar and tavern, “Hashi-go Sake Date♡”.
Masaki Okada and Maki Fukuda, heroine of “3 o’clock”, wine bar and izakaya “Hashi-go Sake Date ♡”.

From the January 6 and 13, 2023 issues of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Shu Nishihara

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