Over 70 new stories created in the past year…! A direct interview with “The W”‘s 6th champion, “The Genius Pianist”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Over 70 new stories created in the past year…! A direct interview with “The W”‘s 6th champion, “The Genius Pianist”!

Since last year's "THE W", she has created more than 70 new material, honed her skills, and won the crown: "I will build a station with the prize money of 10 million yen!

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Masumi: “ I finally won! My workload has increased tremendously just in the past two days.”

The day after the final, the two went to the theater again. The celebrities Takeuchi and Masumi would like to meet are Kazutoshi Sakurai (52) and Tamori (77) of “Mr. Children” respectively.

Takeuchi: “ I have over 250 congratulatory messages on my LINE, and I spend all my free time replying to them. I feel like my arms are going to fall off (laughs).

The “Genius Pianist” was crowned the sixth champion in “THE W 2022,” a competition to determine the top female comedian. For the past two years, the comedian Chisaki Takeuchi (30) and the boor Masumi (35) have been working with the goal of winning “THE W.” Takeuchi said, “We’ve made a lot of new things in the past year.

Takeuchi: “ We have made over 70 new material in the past year. Last year, I was the top batsman in the finals and was pressured, which was frustrating. I didn’t make it through to the final and lost to ‘Oda Ueda. Immediately after that, I decided to make a story anyway so that I could win no matter what order I appeared in. I thought it would give me confidence and give me more leeway if I had a wider choice of material.

Masumi: “ I released new material at my monthly solo live performances. After all, you can’t do something without having the audience see it. I am grateful to the fans who have worked with me to develop my material. While my TV work has been increasing, the qualifying rounds for “M-1,” “The W,” and “King of Conte” coincided with …… this summer, and it was really tough (laughs).

Masumi and Takeuchi were previously a nurse and a teacher, respectively. The two originally serious personalities were supported by an Osaka comedian who also won the crown this year.

Takeuchi : “Mr. Harada (Yasumasa) Harada (30) of the Biscuit Brothers, who won this year’s King of Conte, used to watch our material offstage and give us advice. I still hope to win other award races.”

Masumi: “ Ayumu Kyuma (50) of “The Plan 9” also watches my material. He also teaches at Yoshimoto’s training school, so I really feel like he is my teacher.

Takeuchi: “ Both Kyuma and Harada are from the Kansai region. Since only female comedians are allowed to participate in this competition, many of my seniors sent me off to represent the Osaka troupe and do my best. They sent us out to represent the Osaka troupe.

The 10 million yen prize money will be used to return the favor to the Kansai region.

Masumi: “ I have a radio show on KBS Kyoto, ……, and it is far from any station (laughs). I want to build the nearest station to Dawn!”

Takeuchi: “ I heard that the bidet in the men’s restroom in the company is also broken, so I’m going to fix it!”

The current problem is the title of the crown special that was given as an extra prize.

Masumi: “ The name of the duo, ‘Genius Pianist,’ is complicated, isn’t it?”

Takeuchi: “ People will think it’s a music program (laughs).

From Naniwa to the whole country. The girls’ melody of laughter began to ring out loudly.

The two were waiting for their cue backstage at the Yoshimoto Manzai Theater. Takeuchi is in charge of making up material, and says that he makes six pieces of material every week.
Unpublished material from the magazine: A direct interview with the 6th champion of “THE W 2022,” “The Genius Pianist!
Unpublished material from the magazine A direct interview with “THE W 2022″‘s 6th champion, the genius pianist!

From the December 30, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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