Female announcer cries in person…CBC TV reports on announcer embezzlement… Questions erupt within the company. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Female announcer cries in person…CBC TV reports on announcer embezzlement… Questions erupt within the company.

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FRIDAY reported on December 8 on the “40 million yen labor union fee embezzlement case” by a popular announcer. 33-year-old Ryo Eda, an announcer at CBC Television, voluntarily resigned from the company on the day of the report when it was revealed that he had embezzled labor union fees and used them for his own investments.

This news made a particularly big splash in the Chubu region, where CBC TV is broadcast, but behind the confusion, there were questions within CBC about the company’s response. What exactly was going on? A source close to the company who knows the situation inside and out tells us.

Immediately after we learned that the article was going to be published in FRIDAY, we were told by the news stations, such as ‘Gogosuma’ and ‘Chant! were notified not to report on Eda’s case. Many employees were not happy about this. Many employees complained about this, saying, “As a media outlet, shouldn’t we be reporting on our own scandals? I heard that there was even a female announcer with a strong sense of justice who sobbed in her seat.

Eventually, the embezzlement was reported on “Gogosma” and “Chant! did not report on the embezzlement. There are even voices within the company saying that the company may have intended to hide Eda’s case from the public in the first place.

The headquarters of CBC Television in Shinsakae-cho, Nagoya. Known as Japan’s first commercial broadcaster, it is a well-established company with an average annual income of more than 10 million yen.

Eda, who embezzled money, had been telling people around him that ‘I won’t have to be fired’ until just before the news report came out. Naturally, the company must have been aware of the incident before the news came out, but they did not take any major action, perhaps out of fear that it would become a big deal. However, when it became known that the news report was coming out, Eda turned around and voluntarily resigned …… . Eda may have really resigned voluntarily. However, many employees are questioning the company’s response, wondering if it was a lizard’s tail being cut off.

When we sent a letter of inquiry to CBC TV as to why they did not report the incident in their own program, the response was, “We do not answer questions about the process of program production.

Perhaps there were circumstances that made it difficult to report the company’s own scandals. However, from the point of view of the employees on the frontline, it seems that the company was left with an unsettled situation.

Mr. Eda was directly interviewed by this magazine in early December.
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