King&Prince fans are excited about Yurina Hirate joining the “BTS Office,” saying “I think she’ll definitely be good looking. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

King&Prince fans are excited about Yurina Hirate joining the “BTS Office,” saying “I think she’ll definitely be good looking.

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Shiyoh Hirano of “King & Prince” has announced that she will leave Johnny’s in May next year.

Former Keyakizaka-46 and actress Yurina Hirate announced on December 21 that she will move to “NAECO” (Neiko), a new label of “HYBE JAPAN” in a blitz.

HYBE JAPAN is the Japanese branch of “HYBE”, a Korean general entertainment company which has the world popular group BTS at its head and LE SSERAFIM, to which former HKT48 member Sakira Miyawaki belongs.

With the acquisition of “Ithaca Holdings” in the U.S. last April, the company also owns the offices of world-famous artists such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Black Eyed Peas, and Carly Rae Jepsen.

The name “NAECO,” which Hirate is transferring to, is a reverse spelling of the word “ocean,” meaning a large ocean. The name “NAECO,” to which Hirate is moving, is a reverse of the spelling of the word “ocean,” which means “big ocean.

Japan is also an attractive market for HYBE. The company’s official Twitter page announced Hirate’s move in Korean

Welcome to be a HYBE artist.

and other tweets in Korean. Also in Japanese

Welcome to the HYBE family! We look forward to our new voyage together!

in Japanese as well.

Her fans are not the only ones who are excited by this trend. Fans of the popular Johnny’s group King & Prince, known as “tiaras,” are also excited.

Shiyou Hirano, Yuta Kishi, and Yuta Jinguji will leave the group in May of next year, and each of them will be leaving Johnny’s office. As for their future plans, there are rumors that they will “join up” with Hideaki Takizawa, who left Johnny’s earlier than the others, and former Kimpuri member Genki Iwahashi, but these are only rumors.

In the midst of all this, Hirate’s entry into HYBE came to light. Tiara said

It would be great if Kimpuri joined HYBE,” she said.
I’m sure they’ll be great!
I’ll cry when they stand alongside BTS.

I’ll cry when they join BTS,” she said.

Originally, Kimpuri was created by the late Mr. Janie Kitagawa with an eye on global expansion. Mr. Janney passed away in the middle of his life, and the members have strong aspirations for the future.

I believe that Kimpuri has a great chemistry with HYBE. I think HYBE and I have a great “chemistry” together.

Although it is less common now than in the past, the discovery of major production companies is still prevalent in the Japanese entertainment industry. Hirano and the other three have also been talking about the possibility that their media exposure will be drastically reduced after they leave the company.

However, “If it is a foreign production, there is no need to be nervous. They can work in Korea and then be “reimported” to Japan.

Compared to other countries, the Japanese entertainment industry is more closed-minded. In the future, more and more promising artists will probably join overseas production companies in search of a worldwide stage.

It is good for both fans and artists to have more choices. Will Tiara’s wish come true?

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