Suddenly, the characters are different people… “Soar! A “behind-the-scenes” story behind the “lost” story. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Suddenly, the characters are different people… “Soar! A “behind-the-scenes” story behind the “lost” story.

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Screenplay returned to main writer Ryoko Kuwabara…

  • Back to the screenplay by Ms. Kuwabara, we can finally watch the show with peace of mind.”
  • Thank you for coming back, Ms. Kuwabara!
  • Kuwabara’s script is amazing, taking over the characters that we’ve seen so far and rearranging the field that was ruined by his predecessor.

Such praise comments were flying around on SNS on the morning of December 19. The topic of discussion was the morning drama “Soar! starring Haruka Fukuhara, and the script was written by Ryoko Kuwabara, the main writer of the drama from this week (the 12th week).

The film has been attracting attention for its three-person team script with Ryoko Kuwabara, who worked on “The Healing of Heartache,” Uriha Shimada, who worked on the morning drama “Yale” and other dramas, and Ryota Tsukuda. In this context, Kuwabara, who was in charge of the first seven weeks, was highly praised for her sensitive choice of words and her style of valuing the space between lines and lingering words, carefully and delicately depicting the emotions and backgrounds of each character. However, when the screenplay was switched from Kuwabara to Shimada, the main writer, in the “Aviation School Arc” of the 8th week, “Soaring Reflections” suddenly became a big hit on SNS.

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A different character, 4-6 split face close-ups, slapstick comedy direction…

In the aviation school version, the heroine, who was originally sensitive to others’ feelings but could not easily express her own feelings, has suddenly changed into a clumsy and silly girl, all the new characters are stereotypes, and there are many peculiar and mysterious effects such as close-ups of the faces of the aviation school teammates shown in 4 to 6 sections and The production of slapstick comedies, and the quirky and mysterious direction in which close-ups of the faces of the aviation school teammates are shown in four to six shots, have caused a number of viewers to express discomfort.

Originally, it is usual for any morning drama, regardless of its reputation, to have a “reflection session. However, there is no other pattern like this one, where the tone of the work changes as soon as the scriptwriter is replaced, and the “review session” becomes lively because the same character played by the same actor has become a different person, regardless of the timing of the baton pass from the child actor to the main actor.

In fact, regarding the major changes in the tone and other aspects of the work, Ritsutoki Kumano, the production supervisor, said, “For about a year, we thoroughly interviewed the Civil Aviation College. We started our preparation with a situation where people who knew nothing about the project went to interview the students and were taught from scratch, and they thoroughly cooperated with us when writing the script.” “The aviation school version is a lot of work from the preparation stage, so we formed a specialized team. The script required correspondence with the aviation academy to confirm the content. The basic elements of Mr. Kuwabara’s script were maintained, but the situations were changed and the elements of the school story became more intense. As he explained in an interview with SpoNichi (November 22), “The tempo and touch inevitably change from the previous week as the story progresses through the plays of Mai, the team of six, and the instructor,” and it was intentional.

In such a situation, viewers were particularly critical of Weeks 8 and 10, which were directed by Yusuke Noda. The former was scripted by Mr. Shimada and the latter by Mr. Tsukuda, but despite the different scriptwriters, in both cases, the style changed drastically, with split screens appearing repeatedly and a goofy romantic comedy direction, leading to comments such as “The times when (the director) is Mr. Noda are really bad,” “I can comfortably watch the show if it is not directed by Yusuke Noda. (*The second week, when he directed under Kuwabara’s script, was well received.)

(*”Certain circumstances” led to the lengthy and plentiful aviation school section.

In fact, it is relatively well known among NHK drama people that Mr. Noda has a strong directing style and that he is quite involved in scriptwriting. However, in the case of “Soar! there are a number of other circumstances at play.

says a long-time supplier to BK (NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station).

From the 12th week starting December 19, the script will return to that of Kuwabara-san, the main writer, and the Lehman Shock will be depicted.

But actually, leading up to that point, the aviation school section, for which Mr. Shimada and Ms. Tsukuda are in charge of the script, was originally planned to be shorter and more compact. However, due to various circumstances, it was drawn longer and more fully than planned, which changed the tone of the film.

What is interesting is the “various circumstances” part. Some viewers have read that the aviation school version was expanded, and some have speculated that it was to increase the appearance of Ren Meguro of Snow Man, the Johnny’s talent who plays Mai’s first love, Kashiwagi. ……

The reason for the decision to make the aviation school part of the film longer than it was originally intended to be is not known.

However, in the beginning, the heroine was supposed to fail in the middle of the aviation school. However, in the drama, it was changed to a teammate fail and the heroine was able to graduate, which may be due to the fact that the aviation college, which was the model for the aviation school the heroine goes to, fully cooperated with the drama as a supervisor. The aviation school version of the story is “Prosessional” and “Professional”.

In the aviation school version, “procedure (a basic operation to fly an airplane safely),” “fail (fail, flunk out),” “JA01TC = Juliet Alpha Zero One Tango Charlie (the aircraft symbol of the plane that Mai’s team flies at the Obihiro Branch School, which is a common rule in the world. It is decided by the common rule in the world. ),” “briefing (a pre-flight briefing to explain the training plan to the instructor in charge),” and “presolo check (a mid-term examination to determine whether the pilot can fly alone),” among many other technical terms.

In order to ensure the realism of the film, a three-person team of screenwriters was used to conduct thorough interviews.

In fact, it is quite an adventure for NHK to produce a pilot training drama with so many technical terms. Therefore, in order to avoid any criticism from the viewers, NHK asked the people involved in the aviation school to help with the dialogue and other specifics to ensure accuracy in exchanges in which technical terms frequently appear.

In other words, the interaction between the instructors and students in the training part was created and supervised by the aviation school staff, and then the scriptwriters and directors added the “school” and “slapstick romantic comedy” stories, so it is not surprising that there is no sense of unity.

After such chaos, the 12th week of Kuwabara’s script revival has just begun with a soft landing while also taking over the characters up to this point. It remains to be seen whether the show can regain its high reputation from the beginning of the season.

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