Why did a child actor who came into the limelight in “Tensai Terebikun” get renewed attention in “Chimu Doton” after a long tunnel? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why did a child actor who came into the limelight in “Tensai Terebikun” get renewed attention in “Chimu Doton” after a long tunnel?

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She has always been a cautious and careful person, but her experience in filming TV dramas, which require a flexible response on set, has enabled her to tackle them with an open mind.

In the NHK television series “Chimudo-don,” she passionately played a childhood friend who has feelings for the heroine, played by Yuna Kuroshima (25). Actor Goki Maeda (31) captivated women with his transparent performance. It was his mother who inspired him to enter the entertainment industry.

As a part of my emotional education, I became a trainee with my older siblings in the Hollypro Corporation, and as a six-year-old I thought it was just another lesson (laughs).

She soon became a successful child actor, appearing in commercials for Nagatanien, and became popular among her school friends. Maeda, who was “super positive and in great shape” at the time, was thrust into the limelight as a Terebi Warrior in “Tensai Terebi Kun MAX” when she was in the sixth grade, but she had a tough time after that.

He was in the limelight as a Terebi-Senshi in “Tensai Terebi-Kun MAX” when he was in the 6th grade of elementary school, but after that he had a hard time. In order to grow as an actor, I tried to broaden my knowledge of society by going out drinking with various people. Because of that, I was always short of money (laughs).

I cut back on my regular food expenses to pay for the occasional dinner. When I was too hungry and couldn’t do anything about it, I would sleep on my stomach with a pillow on my stomach to feel full. …… The connections and struggles I made at that time still apply to my work today. Those days of selflessly pushing through the darkest of darkness allowed me to change.”

His acting was well received and he gradually began to get more work, but at the time he was reluctant to accept the accolades.

I was recognized for my role as a criminal,” he said. I had longed to be a hero of justice since I was a child, so I had mixed feelings about it at the time (laughs). But since I am an elaborate person, I took seriously what was in front of me. Because I yearned for justice, I began to think deeply about the psychology of criminals, who are the opposite of justice.

I have been training in action for several years now, thinking that it would be essential for me to play an “evil” character. When I heard that the directors were discussing behind the scenes what kind of crimes they wanted me to commit as a villain, I felt like I had finally mastered the role of a villain. When it comes to villains, I am second to none.

This year, in the 25th year of his acting career, he was cast in a morning drama, a role he had hoped to play since he was a teenager. He played the role of a young man, the complete opposite of a villain.

When I was a teenager, I wrote my résumé until it was completely black and kept sending it to NHK. I wanted to make an impression, so I sometimes wrote bizarre things. But they didn’t catch my eye, and at one point I put a lid on my feelings about morning drama. I was happy to see that dream unexpectedly come true this year. Having made the villain role my own, I was also able to act in the opposite role. I realized that what I have been doing is becoming a part of me.

Because of her cheerful image and personality, she has recently been appearing in more variety shows.

I was given high marks for my role in the morning drama, in which I played the role of a villain, which gave me the confidence to take on a variety of challenges. I am now confident that I can take on a variety of new challenges. I am now looking forward to the next step of the long tunnel, which is to choose what to do and what not to do. …… I enjoy the difficulty of being able to choose and grow.”

The positivity of his childhood is still alive and well. With his heart pounding with anticipation, he is breaking new ground.

For the past six years, he has played the role of Yosuke Todoroki in the “HiGH & LOW” series. Playing a role with a strong fighting spirit among the characters was the impetus for him to take up full-fledged action. ©2022 “HiGH&LOW THE WORST X” Production Committee ©Hiroshi Takahashi (Akita Shoten) HI-AX
In “Chimu Dondondan”, he played the son of a tofu store who has a straightforward love for the heroine Nobuko, despite the outlandish personalities of many of the characters, and was described by viewers as the “conscience of Chimu Dondan”.
Actor Kimiteru Maeda, who has never appeared in this magazine: “I was able to change because of those days when I went through the darkness.
Actor Kimiteru Maeda “It was because of those days of going through the darkness that I was able to change” (Unpublished photograph)
Unpublished cuts from the magazine Actor Koki Maeda “I was able to change because of those days of going through the darkness.
Actor Kimiteru Maeda “It was because of those days of going through the darkness that I was able to change” (Unpublished photograph)

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