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While MCs and Actresses Are Saying “No NG”… Yuzuru Hanyu’s “No NG! Declaration

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Hanyu won back-to-back Olympics in Sochi and Pyeongchang, and switched to being a professional skater after the Beijing Olympics in 2010

There are several types of “NG” in the media and entertainment world. The most widely known is “co-starring NG. The other two main ones are “production NG” and “media NG.

The long-running noon program “Hiruobi” (TBS) has a corner where station announcers give panel presentations. Because the spotlight is on the presenter’s speaking skills, many announcers volunteer to do “Hiruobi,” but in fact, there are many cases where they are given a “co-starring NG” by MC Toshiaki Megumi (57) even though they have been given the opportunity to appear on the program. A production producer at a key station said, “Megumi-san is a regular on all the station news in the morning.

Megumi checks the news and newspapers of all the stations in the morning before entering the station. She will actively give her opinions on the program structure, such as, “Wouldn’t it be better this way? She is the MC, but she is also the most passionate producer. Therefore, if an announcer does not understand the news properly or fails to answer questions outside of the script, he is immediately given an NG. Eri Toyama, 47, an announcer currently working at TBS Radio, was given a “second kill” by the NG. Yuri Sasagawa (32, now freelance), who took the world by storm as an AD who was too beautiful and later became a local announcer, was also “NG’d for a long corner.

On the other hand, Ai Eto (37) and Maonko Hibi (29), who have grown to become TBS’s ace announcers, have no NG, and some say that Megumi has “foresight” because she has always been useful.

Yuri Sasagawa became a hit when she was an AD for “King’s Brunch,” saying, “She’s too cute! She has an unusual career, having become a station announcer after attracting attention when she was an AD for “King’s Brunch. Next to her is her husband, Yuki Ota.

Next, a casting producer at a TV station told us about a surprising “production NG. The producer mentioned Akiko Hinagata (44), who dominated the world with her “Hina Pose,” in which she bends at the waist, bends over her chest, and looks up at the viewer. After successfully transforming herself from a gravure idol to a first-class actress, she has been increasingly refusing to do “bath scenes,” perhaps to protect her image as an actress.

She is a very attractive actress with an outstanding style. When she is on location at a hot spring, you can’t help but expect her to look sexy. We would have liked to shoot her legs, hips, breasts, and face by moving the camera slowly, but the office asked us not to do so because it would make her look erotic. The same reason was used for the scene in which she soaks her feet in the bathtub, but only the scene in the bathtub was allowed. From the production’s point of view, it would have been better not to use Ms. Hinagata if she was only seen from the neck up. (A casting producer).

When holding an event, it is necessary to ask the talent if there are any “media nuisances. The PR companies are aware of this, so they do not send event notices to the media that do not have the necessary information.

Then along came a man who surprised the PR firms. He is figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu (28), who is recognized by both the media and clients as a top-class attention seeker. A staff member at an advertising agency testified, “Athletes are very nervous.

Athletes are very nervous. Many athletes only accept interviews in sports magazines, but Yuzuru Hanyu has no “media naysayers. He is a rare person who welcomes all media, including Friday, Tōspo, and Josei Seven, even though many articles have been written and photos taken of him. In fact, when Mr. Hanyu appeared at an event held in a rented hall in Tokyo in the fall, reporters from Bunshun were there, and the place was abuzz (laughs).

The more NGs you have, the more difficult it is to be recognized as a “difficult-to-use” talent, but what is this audacity of Yuzu-kun? It seems certain that we will see more gold-medal level activities in the media and PR industry in the future.

  • Reporting and writing Aida Pudding

    A broadcaster who has been drifting between the worlds of TV and radio for more than 15 years.

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