She got her break with her own… Pocari commercial! Why Rikako Yagi was looking up at the sky in front of Shibuya station | FRIDAY DIGITAL

She got her break with her own… Pocari commercial! Why Rikako Yagi was looking up at the sky in front of Shibuya station

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Actress Rikako Yagi in front of Shibuya Station

At around 9:30 p.m. on December 4, two beautiful women were looking up at the sky in the plaza just outside the ticket gates of JR Shibuya Station.

One of them, dressed in a black sweatshirt and gray sweatpants, was Rikako Yagi, 21, an actress who radiated an aura with her round eyes and long, silky black hair.

Yagi is from Shiga Prefecture. She attracted attention when she was chosen at the age of 14 to be the brand character for Pocari Sweat, which has produced many actresses, including Rie Miyazawa (49) and Haruka Ayase (37). Her transparency is a weapon that she possesses, just like her predecessors,” said an employee of an advertising agency.

What was Yagi doing in Shibuya? She took out her …… smartphone and was busy taking selfies with a female friend. In the background of the selfie was a signboard for Uber Eats, but the background was green, and Yagi was excited, saying, “It looks like greenback! Yagi was excited.

Yagi then shifted his gaze to a large screen in front of Shibuya station with a woman who appeared to be an acquaintance, “Oh, this is it! and pointed at it.

What she saw was a PR video for “First Love,” a drama series on Netflix in which Yagi appears. After watching the video, Yagi’s group turned on their heels and headed back to the station without going out to the streets of Shibuya. A satisfied smile appeared on their faces as they walked back to ……. Their stay in Shibuya lasted only about 10 minutes.

Yagi was anxiously awaiting the delivery of “First Love: Hatsukoi.” He even went out of his way to take a train wrapped in advertising for the drama (laughs). There she said, “I’m in this drama! I did my best!” (She was so excited that she felt like “I did my best!”). It’s nice to be so fresh, isn’t it?

Why is Yagi so attached to “First Love Hatsukoi”?

The audition for the heroine of “First Love Hatsukoi” was held when she was still in high school. Although she was accepted, the filming was postponed due to the new coronavirus. By the time the film was finally shot and distributed, Ms. Yagi was in her third year of college. However, she did not just wait around during this time. She was immersed in creating the role of Yae Noguchi (Yae Noguchi), the character she plays. A considerable part of her so-called “moratorium period” was devoted to this work and to the role of Yae Noguchi.

The Netflix original series “First Love: First Love,” in which Yagi plays Yae Noguchi in her teens and twenties, ranked ninth in the TV and non-English category of the Netflix Weekly Global Top 10 from December 5 to 11.

  • Photography and text by Tsuyoshi Watanabe

    A young entertainment journalist who tours Nishi-Azabu, Moto-Azabu, Azabu-Juban, Shirokane, and other areas of Minato Ward, as well as Shinagawa, Awashima, and Sangenjaya, to pick up stories.

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