Kasumi Arimura’s “Girlish” is not the same as “Girlish” – Denying Her Public Image, Kasumi Arimura Gave a Subdued Performance in the Film “The Fullness of the Moon | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kasumi Arimura’s “Girlish” is not the same as “Girlish” – Denying Her Public Image, Kasumi Arimura Gave a Subdued Performance in the Film “The Fullness of the Moon

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Kasumi Arimura is the talk of the town for her film “The Filling of the Moon. Director Ryuichi Hiroki brought out her charms for the third time…

The best love story of this winter has arrived.

The live-action film adaptation of the best-selling novel by Noon Sato, which won the Naoki Prize in 2005, “The Fullness of the Moon” was a huge hit. The film opened with a huge hit and has received numerous moving comments on social networking sites.

The film tells the story of Ken Oyamauchi (Yo Oizumi), who lost his beloved wife and child, and Tetsuhiko Sankaku (Ren Meguro), who fell in unforgivable love with Ruri Masaki (Kasumi Arimura) 27 years ago. The moment these two completely unrelated people meet, a miracle is revealed.

Is Koyamauchi’s daughter a reincarnation of Ruri, whom Sankaku loved? This is the story of

I want to see you again.

This is a magnificent love story in which a miracle is spun by the strong desire to “see you again.

Moreover, the day of Koyamauchi’s wedding to his wife Kozue (Kou Shibasaki) and the day when Sankaku and Ruri (Arimura) met coincide with December 8, 1980, the date of John Lennon’s unexpected assassination. The story that began on that day, when John Lennon’s songs filled the streets, has never left our hearts.

The date of John Lennon’s death, when Ken and Kozue got married and Ruri and Sankaku met, was an idea not found in the original story. The story is wrapped in eternity by starting from the historical day of John’s death, which everyone remembers, and the device of bringing Takadanobaba in the 80’s vividly to life on the location set was also eye-catching” (a person involved in the wide-screen show).

(A wide-angle official) “In the midst of all this, the presence of Ruri, played by Arimura, standing fragilely with a hint of melancholy in the town where John’s “Woman” is playing, is still outstanding.

Kasumi Arimura is a mysterious actress. She is not a “possessed monster,” nor does she possess skills cultivated on stage. However, when she plays the sadness of a life-sized woman, she immediately captivates the hearts of those watching her.

In the 2005 morning drama “Hiyoko” (NHK), Mineko searches for her father, who has gone missing since leaving the country to work. In the 2008 serial drama “My Sister’s Lover” (Fuji TV), she plays Momoko, whose parents died in a car accident when she was in high school, and raises her three younger brothers. And in “Filling of the Moon,” Ruri loses her own life in a railroad crossing accident. In each case, the heroine, cloaked in an aura of sadness, is played in a dainty manner,” said a producer from the production company.

Yuji Sakamoto, who wrote the screenplay for the 2004 drama “Itsuka Kono Koi wo Reminiscent of Love and Crying” (Fuji TV) and the 2009 film “Hanabutsu Kona na Koi Shitatta” (I Loved You Like a Bouquet), both of which starred Arimura and Masaki Suda, also commented on Arimura’s acting. Yuji Sakamoto, who wrote the screenplay for the film, “I Loved You Like a Bouquet,” in which Arimura starred opposite Masaki Sugata.

Yuji Sakamoto, who wrote the screenplay for the film “I Loved You Like a Bouquet,” in which Arimura stars alongside Masaki Sugata, said of Arimura’s performance, “Her ability to read the characters and express them is wonderful. She is able to convey all kinds of emotions to the audience with a minimum change of facial expression.

I couldn’t feel that he was trying to put on a play, he was really just there and his emotions were conveyed.

She was really just there, conveying only emotion,” she said, lavishing words of praise.

When in the world did Arimura develop this style of acting? The secret lies in her encounter with Ryuichi Hiroki, the director of “The Fullness of the Moon.

This is the third film Hiroki has directed starring Arimura, following “Strobe Edge” (’15) and “Natsumi no Hotaru” (’16). In “Strobe Edge,” she played the role of Ninako, an honest and pure high school girl who spends her days gazing at Ren (Sota Fukushi), the most popular girl in her grade. He was furious with Arimura, who had created the character during the reading. He told her, “If you have feelings, they will come through in your eyes even if you don’t make a sad or happy expression.

In this way, Arimura won the Japan Academy Award for Best Leading Actress and Best New Actor for “Birigyaru,” a movie she starred in released in the same year. She says that if she had not appeared in “Strobe Edge,” her performance in “Birigyaru” would have been different.

Her dainty performance shines through in this film.

She meets Mikaku under the eaves of a record store where she is sheltering from the rain, and they meet again in Takadanobaba, pretending to be by coincidence. They met again in Takadanobaba, pretending to meet by chance. They had a series of encounters in Triangle’s room, and Triangle was fascinated by Ruri’s beauty as she sang “Remember Love” (lyrics by Yoko Ono), which he shot on 8mm film.

Wrapped in a blanket and watching the film, Arimura is both a mysterious adult woman and a charming, seductive heroine in her own right. If it were not for the strong feelings of Ruri Masaki, played by Arimura, the reality of her rebirth as Ruri Oyamauchi and then Ruri Midorisaka might have been lost,” said the director of the production company.

Arimura, who will turn 30 next February, has a resolution.

In November, she appeared in the program “Suddenly, May I Tell Your Luck? (Fuji Television Network), she was told by fortune teller Hitomi Hoshi that she was “extremely stubborn and competitive” and “very masculine,” and that “if people think I am ‘girly,’ then my image is different from my true self. If the public thinks I’m ‘girly,’ my image is different from my true self,” she says.

Next year, she will appear in the historical drama “Dousuru Ieyasu” (NHK) starring Matsumoto Jun, and is also preparing to star in a film titled “Chihiro-san. She is attracting a lot of attention because of her role as a “former prostitute,” a role that overturns her conventional image as a “prostitute.

The origin of the name “Ruri” comes from the expression “Ruri and Hari both shine when illuminated (talented people stand out no matter where they are). Actress Kasumi Arimura’s true brilliance may only come from now on.

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