Intercom camera, compliance, new Corona… “Yonesuke” no longer able to “rush in | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Intercom camera, compliance, new Corona… “Yonesuke” no longer able to “rush in

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If Earth doesn’t work, there’s always space!

Master Yonesuke poses for an assault with the latest model of rice scoop in his hand.

He came to the Asakusa Engei Hall, where I was performing, and said, “I was not going to perform, but I’m going to do it. He came to the Asakusa Engei Hall where I was performing, and even though I didn’t want to perform, he didn’t back down until I said, “I’ll do it. He was very good at getting me to go along with him.

He told us this on “Kakutsuki! The popular program, which started in 1985 and continued until 2016 as a special program and other programs even after the main program ended, is about to be resumed on his YouTube channel, “Yonesuke! Yonesuke was about to resume the project on his YouTube channel “Yonesuke-chan Channel,” but he was cut off by the Corona. However, he had no particular regrets, saying, “Oh, I’m glad it was easy.

However, there was someone who was eagerly waiting for him, not wanting to end the assault with Corona. That person was “him. He is Minoru Kawasaki, the director of “The Sinking of Everything but Japan,” “Detective Wig,” and a string of other crazy films.

It is no wonder that Mr. Kawasaki was so eager to attack the original assault reporter. The title of the film is “Assault! The UFO Next Door”. Yonesuke trespassed on a UFO as an investigator for the UFO research group “URL. He boldly confronts the aliens who are cooking cattle that have been cattle mutilated, while flattered by their presence. The story is one thing, but the idea of sending Yonesuke into space if Earth is not an option already seems crazy in itself.

In recent years, compliance has become something of an issue. The number of rakugo performances that cannot be performed on the stage has increased because of this problem. Will the day soon come when we will no longer be able to listen to the silly stories of our neighborhood Yotaro? (Photo by Mayumi Abe)

The 6,000 houses he assaulted! I lost count of the number of times I got down on my knees because I was furious…

The “Neighbor’s Evening Meal! Neighbor’s Dinner” was born as a corner project of “Look Look Hello” (Nippon Television Network Corporation). Yonesuke storms into a home at dinnertime and reports on the evening meals of three families each week. The family’s panic at the sudden arrival of Yonesuke was interesting beyond reason.

At the first house, where the cooking was in progress, the family entered the kitchen without hesitation and asked, “What is this, stew? and mercilessly opened the lid of the pot. At the second restaurant, where the timing was just right, he would say, “Sashimi is today’s recommendation? At the third house, the wife was horrified and said, “I’ve already eaten it,” while the husband, perhaps half-naked after taking a bath, offered her a beer while he drank with her in the evening. The warmth of the people could be felt in every dish, and it made me think how nice it is to be a part of a family.

I’ve been to more than 6,000 restaurants,” he said. In the old days, you used to be able to just press the “ping-pong” button and go straight in, but nowadays there are TV cameras on the intercoms. So it’s impossible, isn’t it? Before, we didn’t have cameras, so we could get in as many times as we wanted.

Even if they said “as much as you want,” it would not be possible to get in. I thought that this was a result of his popularity and his ability to push his way in, but….

One-third of the people who come in are NGs,” he said. If someone is really angry, you can see it in their eyes, and then the whole staff gets down on their knees and says, “I’m sorry! and get down on their knees. We don’t show that part, but I apologized properly, so it didn’t become a police matter. If you have been doing this for 10 or 20 years, you can feel it in your skin. It’s rude to say this, but it’s just like how you pick up a woman; a “no” that comes out of your nose is okay.

From Hokkaido to Miyakojima Island, and even out of Japan to the world. The Ajiro, the chiefs, and the headhunters have all been there. The only place I haven’t been is Central and South America. Even though the program was terminated, the program has been aired on Nippon TV and TV Asahi as well. I’ve never heard of a project born out of a TV program going across bureaus.

Wearing masks has made the world even more difficult to live in. I fear a world where not talking to people is the norm.

The welcoming mood varied from region to region, and Osaka, according to the master, was in a “gluttonous mood. The toughest was in Denenchofu, where he said he was turned down by 36 houses in a row.

I heard I went there three times, but I don’t remember. In my mind, I only went once. My brain is erasing my memory. If I don’t erase the bad things right away, I won’t be able to keep my mind on the next week’s dinner.

When I first started, people said, “A rakugo artist can’t do this,” but maybe I was able to do it because I am a rakugo artist. In a world where hierarchical relationships are strict, I was used to getting down on my knees.

Over the years, he even stormed into the same house twice. He told me, “You’ve been here before. I’ve already had a grandchild.

He also said, “That’s all part of our history, isn’t it? Now it’s suffocating me. In the old days, when the kid who was assaulted went to school the next day, he would be very popular, and people would say, ‘Your son was on TV.

Yonesuke eats someone else’s food, and Mitsuo Busimamushi asks an elderly man in Sugamo, “How are you, old lady? In these days of compliance issues, it is sad to think that such loving exchanges can be difficult.

Everyone says they would love to see another assault, but in today’s world, it’s just too much work. But in today’s world, it’s too much work. I myself was able to do it because I was young. At my age, I just want to bring out the flavor. If aliens see this and sue me, that would be great, wouldn’t it?

With director Minoru Kawasaki. Incidentally, the film’s ending theme was performed by Portable Rock. The ending theme is sung by Maki Nomiya, a fashionable person. I explained to them that this is the kind of film we were making,” said the director, who seemed unconcerned about the situation.
The film will be shown at Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa and other theaters on February 3 (Fri.). Co-starring Tatsuomi Hamada, Arina Hattori (AKB48), Koji Moritsugu, Junichi Yaoi, Issei Ishida, and Takeharu Mikami (chief editor of “Mu Monthly”). Yonesuke, the greatest trespasser on earth, shines!

Yonesuke Katsura (Yonesuke Katsura) is a rakugo storyteller, TV personality, YouTuber, and a member and counselor of the Rakugo Art Association. Since the 1980s, he has appeared regularly under the katakana name Yonesuke in the show “Kutsuki! Neighbor’s Dinner” is a legendary and famous corner that is still frequently used for clips and parodies. His main publications include “Yonesuke no Tsukijiku! Neighbor’s Evening Meal” (NTT Publishing) and “Yonesuke’s 600 Ekiben/Kuuben” (Tatsumi Shuppan). He has supervised one of his own sky bento, “Yonesuke no kawari tenmusu” (Yonesuke’s obsession with tenmusu).

Yonezuke is also the author of “Yonezuke’s Kochi Tenmusu. Click here for Yonesuke-chan Channel [Rakugo Storytelling and Dinner

  • Interview and text by Ide Chimasa Photographed by Mayumi Abe

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