The unknown relationship between “silent” and the original script, even though it was in a time slot that was called a “dead slot | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The unknown relationship between “silent” and the original script, even though it was in a time slot that was called a “dead slot

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The love story between Ren Meguro (25, pictured above), Kawaguchi, Takashi Suzuka (22), and Kaho (31) of “Snow Man” is the talk of the town in “silent,” which is “Reiwa’s first tear-jerker. Core viewer ratings are also doing very well.

The drama “silent” (Fuji TV), starring Haruna Kawaguchi (27), has set new records for the highest number of missed episodes on a commercial TV network. The drama is winning alone among fall dramas.

The drama, “silent,” starring Haruna Kawaguchi, 27, of Fuji Television Network, has been struggling in the Thursday 10:00 slot, which has been called a “dead slot. Before the broadcast, not much was expected of the drama, as it was written by newcomer Miku Ubukata (29), who was making her drama series debut. However, the beautiful cinematic images and the conversational drama interspersed with foreshadowing were talked about as being tear-jerking, and the drama is attracting more and more attention with each episode.

Despite the fact that it is a romantic drama, a number of fans on the Internet are considering the meaning of the dialogue and direction. An advertising agency official analyzes, “This is the reason why it was such a hit.

The original script makes it impossible to predict the ending, which is why viewers are so excited. That’s why viewers get excited. Like the 19-year hit “It’s Your Turn” (NTV), the secret of its popularity is how viewers consider the story. It is not clear if the romance work “silent” was aiming for a “consideration boom” from the beginning. ……

For a long time, it was said that only dramas with popular original works or professional dramas such as medical or police dramas would win, but with the establishment of the “catch-up” service and core viewership ratings targeting young viewers as hit indicators, dramas with original scripts have continued to make great strides.

Although the household viewership ratings were not great, “Saiai” (TBS) starring Yuriko Yoshitaka (34), which won all the drama awards last year, and “My Family” (TBS) starring Kazuya Ninomiya (39), which achieved a high viewership rating of 16.4% in the final episode, were also original scripted dramas. It is a popular content, and many viewers check it again on the missed distribution to confirm the foreshadowing and other elements discussed in the video. Works that are worth considering tend to increase in both viewer ratings and missed distribution” (Internet news editor).

Nine of the 14 winter dramas to be broadcast in the golden prime time slot in the January season next year will have original scripts.

Three out of four Fuji TV dramas this season were originally written by female writers, but in the January season, 10 of them will be written by female writers. Moreover, many of them are original romantic works. Even before “silent” became a hit, romance productions had been well received by viewers who had missed the broadcasts, so it is only natural that more and more drama productions are aimed at the younger generation that are popular with sponsors.

It is not only TV stations that welcome original scripts.

If the original work is popular, there is a risk of bashing from fans of the original work, such as “The image of the main character is different,” “You disrespect the original work! and “It’s disrespectful to the original work! Actors and entertainment professionals are reluctant to take on productions that are based on original works. In the case of original works, if the script is bad, the actor or manager must read and judge the script before accepting the offer, but since the script is not compared to the original, the actor can more easily show his or her ability.

With the increase in the number of dramas with original scripts, the TV revival will begin!

From the December 23, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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