Haruka Ayase’s “rushed marriage” with Takeru Sato is rapidly gaining attention. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Haruka Ayase’s “rushed marriage” with Takeru Sato is rapidly gaining attention.

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Rumors of Love Rekindled! Haruka Ayase and Takeru Sato return to Tokyo on good terms

It is not uncommon for big-name celebrities to suddenly announce their marriages during the year-end and New Year holidays. In the past, Aoi Miyazaki and Junichi Okada of V6 announced their marriage on Christmas Eve, and Ayumi Hamasaki announced her marriage (and later divorce) on New Year’s Day. Haruka Ayase (37) and Takeru Sato (33) have emerged as the most likely candidates for this year’s “rush-in” marriages.

It all started on December 14, when “Shukan Shukyu” reported that Haruka Ayase and Takeru Sato might get married “in a flash.

It has long been reported that Ayase’s mother invested 100 million yen in an investment group that was arrested by the Hiroshima Prefectural Police in early November on charges of violating the Capital Subscription Law. Ayase herself attended a meeting of the group and was photographed with them. In short, they were used as “billboards,” and Ayase’s mother and daughter were completely victims. However, since the 100 million yen invested by Ayase was refunded to her side, other investors who have not yet received their money are complaining that it is strange to give Ayase special treatment. According to “Weekly Woman,” they are reporting that they may use the shock marriage with Sato to get rid of this negative image.

When two popular actors get married, their image is quite important. It is not without strategy. Before that, it is certain that there are still persistent stories that the two may be dating. Ayase and Sato’s love affair first came to be rumored in November 2009, when this magazine caught them returning home together from the location of “Mother-in-law and Daughter’s Blues New Year Special” (TBS), which was broadcast in January 2010. At that time, Ayase called Sato

“Take-chan~♡” and they had an intimate conversation.

and they were seen conversing intimately.

The two had been regularly rumored to be in love since they played lovers in the movie “Real: The Day the Dragon Became Perfect” in 2001. Their conversations are basically casual, and it was said that Ayase calls Sato ‘Take-chan. When the production of the New Year special of “Mother-in-law” was announced, the theory of their love affair was rekindled, especially on the Internet. Since the two shots were taken at exactly the right time, rumors of their relationship still persist.

(Sports newspaper reporter) However, the two were not completely in a two-shot situation at that time. They were accompanied by a woman who looked like their manager. Therefore, it is true that there were some who questioned the theory of their love affair. However, the following statement was made by the manager of the couple.

However, there is a possibility that this is Ayase’s specialty of camouflage.

A senior executive at a major entertainment agency said as much.

Ayase has been rumored to be romantically involved with Osawa Takao (54) and Korean celebrity Noh Min-woo (36), but when Ayase’s romance with Osawa Takao was scooped in 2010, she had the support of people from her agency, and when she was photographed on a yakiniku date with Min-woo in 2007, there was no third-party woman. When she was photographed, a third-party woman was also with her. Whenever she meets her romantic partners, she always has a “collaborator” to prevent them from taking two shots of her. That is how cautious she is.

Ayase will play the role of Princess Nohime, the wife of Takuya Kimura (50), who plays Nobunaga, in Toei’s 70th anniversary movie “The Legend & Butterfly” to be released in January next year. Will there really be a rush to get married…? Either way, fans can’t stop wishing Ayase happiness.

Ayase leaves the restaurant with a satisfied look on her face. Five minutes before this, Minoo had emerged from the restaurant.
Minoo leaves the restaurant 5 minutes before Ayase leaves by a time lag.
Ayase at the time of her love affair with Osawa in 2010. A third party is always by Ayase’s side.
Osawa at the time of his relationship with Ayase in 2010. After enjoying yakiniku with other related parties, he headed to Ayase’s home.
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