Ryotaro Shimizu allegedly overcharged for the disposal of a luxury car accident…Ryotaro Shimizu, “bogged down in a fight with his former teacher,” leg-crossing slingshot photo. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryotaro Shimizu allegedly overcharged for the disposal of a luxury car accident…Ryotaro Shimizu, “bogged down in a fight with his former teacher,” leg-crossing slingshot photo.

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Ryotaro engaged in moving in September 2006.

Ryotaro Shimizu, 34, the third son of impersonator Akira Shimizu, has been the subject of another scandal.

The “Shukan Bunshun” (December 22 issue) reported the scandal. According to the article, Ryotaro collided with a car driving straight ahead when he made a right turn in his Italian luxury car, a Maserati Ghibli, in a residential area in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, in July this year. After the accident was handled, Ryotaro left the Maserati in the hands of a towing company.

The company that leased the Maserati was a Tokyo-based transportation company, Company A. Company A had hired Ryotaro to do a moving job for them at Akira’s request. However, another company that Ryotaro had set up to take on work from Company A received many complaints from customers that it was not punctual. As business performance deteriorated due to the new COVID-19 crisis, Mr. Ryotaro asked for a raise in compensation, but the president of Company A reprimanded him for thoroughly training his employees. Trouble ensues.

The two parties never reached a settlement, and Company A terminated the contract with Mr. Ryotaro in April of this year. Since Mr. Ryotaro continued to drive the Maserati as his “company car,” the president of Company A notified Mr. Ryotaro that he would have to pay approximately 5 million yen for towing and repair costs for the accident in July. Since there was no clear response, the case is now in court,” said a source in the entertainment production industry.

Ryotaro told “Shukan Bunshun” that he was going to return the Maserati as long as Company A paid him the sales amount.

Illegal gambling and methamphetamine: ……

Ryotaro playing pachinko with his legs crossed after finishing a moving job; photo taken in September 2006.

This is not the first time that Ryotaro has been in trouble; in February 2005, it was discovered that he had been going to illegal gambling parlors, and he suspended his entertainment activities; in October 2005, he was arrested on suspicion of violating the Methamphetamine Control Law (use) and sentenced to one year and six months in prison with a three-year suspended sentence.

When Mr. Ryotaro was arrested in April 2009 for assaulting his wife, the president of Company A even paid for his settlement. He is like a mentor to Ryotaro. If the report in Shukan Bunshun is true, it is as if he returned his mentor’s kindness with an adamant attitude.

In September 2006, “FRIDAY” witnessed Ryotaro sweating on a move after being contracted by Company A to do the work. After finishing his work, the first thing he did was to go to a pachinko parlor.

He was often seen with his legs crossed in front of a pachinko table, puffing on an electronic cigarette and gripping the lever with his right hand. Behind Ryotaro, there were sometimes several boxes piled high with pachinko balls.

When he was in a good mood after winning, Ryotaro would call him and say, “Hey, where are you? He would call his acquaintances on the phone. When his acquaintance arrived, he would line up even more and start hitting the balls. Depending on the day, he would spend up to five hours playing pachinko.

Ryotaro had caused repeated troubles and even lost his job. Ryotaro’s father, Akira, could no longer stand by him.

Ryotaro playing pachinko after finishing his moving job, photo taken in September 2006.
Ryotaro quietly working under instructions from his seniors; photo taken in September 2006.
Ryotaro’s first stop after finishing his work was a pachinko parlor.
  • Photography Ippei Hara, Shintaro Shoji

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