Although Yutaka Tamura of “Kirin” denies everything… “The industry mechanism” that caused the “Yoshimoto resignation report” to be publicized. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Although Yutaka Tamura of “Kirin” denies everything… “The industry mechanism” that caused the “Yoshimoto resignation report” to be publicized.

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Yutaka Tamura of the comedy duo “Kirin” was reported to have left Yoshimoto. He later denied it on SNS, but…

I’m not quitting, really.

On December 16, Yutaka Tamura, a member of the comedy duo “Kirin” (Kirin), held a live-stream on his TikTok and clearly denied the report that he was leaving Yoshimoto Kogyo.

On December 14, the news site “Post Seven” reported that Tamura had decided to leave Yoshimoto Kogyo.

On December 14, the news site “Post Seven” published an article titled “Decision of Disparity Duo: Kirin Kawashima’s ‘Lavit’ MC Is Doing Well, but His Partner Tamura Yutaka Is Leaving Yoshimoto.

The article stated that Tamura was leaving Yoshimoto.

The article stated that Tamura has made up his mind to leave Yoshimoto, but his partner, Akira Kawashima, will remain with Yoshimoto and that “Kirin” itself will not be disbanded. It stated that they were still in discussions with Yoshimoto and were planning to move to an agent contract.

However, on the 15th, the day after this article was distributed, Kawashima appeared on the morning information program “Lavit! (TBS), a morning information program hosted by Kawashima, when he was asked about Tamura.

(TBS), he was asked, “What is that article? It’s not there. It’s disgusting…. I called my partner right away. Are you quitting? I was like, “No, I’m not quitting. I was like, “Of course not.

Tamura revealed that he told his partner, “No way.

The next day, Tamura held a live-streaming event. When asked by a user if he was leaving the company, he replied

I’m not leaving the company.

Tamura answered, “No, I’m not leaving. When asked if his resignation was a false alarm, he replied

I don’t know. I really don’t know. I want to ask. I really want to ask. What is it?

He wondered why such an article was published.

Then, why did something like this happen?

In the Post Seven article, a TV station official testified to Mr. Tamura’s departure. There is no way that Post Seven, which has released numerous scoops, would write a story that is completely without roots. This is just a guess, but if it is true that Mr. Tamura blurted out that he wanted to quit to a TV station official with whom he had a good relationship, and that the TV station official told a reporter he knew about it, it is a common occurrence in the industry.

It is possible that he was still under contract with Yoshimoto, but the article came out in a haste to deny it. When the article first appeared, Yoshimoto did not confirm or deny the story, saying, “I will refrain from giving a response. If there were no facts and there was no discussion, they would have clearly denied it,” said an entertainment reporter.

Tamura has two small children and is said to be in a very difficult financial situation. Tamura actually expressed his grief on TikTok.

I’m going to have hemorrhoid surgery because I don’t have anything to do during this New Year’s holiday season.

and it also says his schedule for this year-end and New Year’s holiday.

The schedule from December 22 to January 6 seems to be “no current schedule,” and finally on January 7, the schedule says “basketball class,” but later a message comes up and says, “There is no doubt that the basketball class on the 7th will be held.

The basketball class on January 7 is a mistake. It is a vacation.

The correction was as expected of a comedian.

Kawashima’s partner is a variety artist who has appeared in many TV programs, including the “Lavit! and appears in all kinds of variety shows. Tamura, however, has a “blank schedule” that is hard to imagine for his partner.

Tamura-san lives in Osaka with his family, probably because he is a regular on “Detective Night Scoop” (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation). If the duo could at least appear at Yoshimoto’s theaters together, it might make their lives a little easier, but given Kawashima’s schedule, that would be tough, too.

For now, Tamura has declared that he will not quit Yoshimoto. Hopefully, this report will help him fill his schedule for the year-end and New Year holidays…

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