Hiroyuki Ariyoshi to appear in Kohaku! The bond that connected “Ostrich Club” and “Junrei” and “Tearful Performance | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroyuki Ariyoshi to appear in Kohaku! The bond that connected “Ostrich Club” and “Junrei” and “Tearful Performance

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This is a grand heartwarming comedy in which the two members of the “Ostrich Club” are in the depths of grief (due to the passing of Ueshima-san), and Junryetsu reaches out to them and combines them.

Katsuhiro Higo, 59, expressed his gratitude when “Junryuke ▲Dacho (▲ is a hot spring symbol)” was formed in July of this year. Since then, the six-member unit “Junryuke-Dacho,” which includes Higo and Jimon Terakado (60), has begun to take concrete steps, including the release of new songs, and now they have a big job: an appearance in the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red and White Singing Contest).

After Ueshima’s death, Higo acted stoutly in the face of the media. He did not make any hole in the filming of the drama in which all three members were appearing, and even said, “The Ostrich Club will not disband! The two of us will audition for Junrei together.

The seven members sang “Shiroi Kumo no Yoni” (Like White Clouds), a hit song by “Saruwaishi,” which they had not sung on TV in 13 years.

Ariyoshi was a major member of the Ryuhei Kai, a group of comedians who admired Ueshima, and he probably wanted to help the “Ostrich Club” on their big day. Ariyoshi’s song “Like a White Cloud” is one of his own songs. It is a song about not forgetting to dream even when the happy days of the past are gone. The two members of the “Ostrich Club” and Ariyoshi reminisced about their memories of Ueshima, while the “Junryoku” members sang about their days with Ryohei Odai (51), who is leaving the group after this Kohaku. The “Junryuke” members will probably sing about their days with Ryohei Odai (51), who is leaving the group after this Kohaku. a person related to the program)

Ariyoshi rushed to the venue for the final farewell with Ueshima. Later, on his radio program, he said that he would talk about the rare incident that occurred at the funeral until it became a classic rakugo story.

Speaking of Kohaku, the staging and flashy costumes are the talk of the town every year, and “Junrei-Dacho” and Ariyoshi know what they are talking about.

We are planning to wear lame jackets with hot spring motif patches scattered all over them,” said Ariyoshi. It is still in the planning stage, so I don’t know if it will come to fruition or not, but it is a standard design when viewed from the front, but there seems to be a device on the back side that is unique to ‘Junryoku’. The concept is to have Higo, Terakado, and Ariyoshi join “Junrei. You may be able to see Ariyoshi in a glittering matching costume, which is rare for him. (ibid.))

According to another person involved in the program, it was the leader of “Junrei” who drafted the costumes.

Kazuyoshi Sakai (47), the leader of the group, drew pictures of the costumes himself and presented them to the production team. He is said to have conveyed his passion for the project. After the formation of “Junrei Dacho,” “Junrei” invited Higo and Terakado to go on regional sales trips with them. They must think of themselves as true friends and members, not as a unit to create a buzz. I have heard that they were also impressed by Ariyoshi’s spirit in responding to their performance offer. I heard that he was so moved by Ariyoshi’s willingness to accept the offer to perform that he suggested that they wear matching outfits, hoping that they would become members of “Junrei” on the Kohaku stage.

When they formed the unit with “Junrei,” Teramon stated, “I was glad to see a new light at a time when we suddenly lost someone we had worked with for many years and wondered what would happen in the future.

The costumes will also reflect the colors of each member. Purple, blue, red, and green for the “Junrei” members, pink for Higo, yellow for Terakado, and white for Ariyoshi.

Seven months have passed since Ueshima’s passing. The seven-colored voices that shared their grief and memories will surely color the night of New Year’s Eve.

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