A man who was a virgin until he was 35 years old and graduated from Tokyo University has established a technique to bring home beautiful women in their 20s. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A man who was a virgin until he was 35 years old and graduated from Tokyo University has established a technique to bring home beautiful women in their 20s.

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Mainly based in Shibuya (Photo: Shinya Nishizaki)

The development of social networking services has diversified the way men and women meet. As of 2022, the leading matching app “Pairs” has 20 million registered users, including both men and women. On the other hand, a survey shows that 90% of women who have used the app have felt “app fatigue,” especially due to the amount of effort required to use the app. One of the reasons for this feeling is the reality that “age” becomes a criterion before meeting a man or woman, and that the older a person gets, the fewer chances he or she has of meeting someone.

In such a modern society, I met an unbelievable man who, despite being close to 60 years of age, charmed beautiful women in their 20s with his human qualities and persuasive manner, and took them home on the same day, using a method called “non-sincere pick-up.

What is the “insincere pick-up” method used by Mr. Waka?

Waka, a leading expert on insincere pick-up, says that one of the biggest setbacks of his life opened his eyes to pick-up.

At the age of 48, I was dumped by a woman in her 20s who I was engaged to, and I despaired for the rest of my life. I really like young girls, so I said, ‘Once again, with a girl in her 20s! I vowed to take revenge. However, I went to all kinds of meeting places such as matching apps and marriage activity parties, but there was no way an old man could be chosen by a young girl…. It’s not surprising when you think about it (laughs). So I decided that the only way to meet young men was to pick up women.

So he entered a cram school run by a man who claimed to be a pick-up artist and desperately studied pick-up techniques. He learned for the first time that there are two types of pick-up: sincere pick-up and insincere pick-up.

I started out as a sincere pick-up artist,” he says. “I started out doing what we call ‘love-your-love pickup,'” he said. I would say things like, ‘I like you,’ or ‘Am I the type of guy you like? This is a method of attacking a woman in a straightforward, romantic manner. However, I felt I had reached my limit early on, as I was never taken seriously when I approached women from all sides, and only the occasional girl would take a bite out of me. It was then that I had a fateful encounter with my mentor.

When he was 50 years old, Mr. Waka met a master who practiced a non-sincere style of pick-up, and he was taught thoroughly by him. The method was the complete opposite of the pick-up methods he had used up to that point, and it was full of surprises. It was a method of seducing a woman without any hint of romantic interest. Using this method, he has brought home about 170 beautiful women in their twenties.

He says, “Non-sincere pick-up is a method of seducing a woman without smelling any romantic feelings at all. I talk to women on the street, and if they agree to my advances, we talk for about an hour at a café and then go straight to a hotel. If normal people heard this, they would say, “You’re lying! But it is true. Women are emotional creatures, and when they are feeling excited, they cannot be reasoned with and will go to a hotel on the spur of the moment. Therefore, I just talk about things that will make them feel emotions.

Waka showed us some of the techniques he actually uses.

For example, if the person you are talking to is obviously on his way home from shopping and has purchased a bag, he may say, ‘I’ve been wanting that bag for a long time. For example, let’s say the person was obviously on their way home from shopping and had purchased a bag. and then get them to talk more and more about their favorite bag. In psychological terms, this fulfills the woman’s need for approval. Then I shift to talking about my problems and personal life, sometimes teasing or joking around with the other person, while making a few casual comments like, “I see,” or “Hmmm. Without these conversational techniques of “teasing” and “joking around,” the other person’s guard will not be lowered.

I want to call out to you: ……. But what should I call out to her? …… (Photo is an image only/Afro)

Why you can’t win over young women by adding a hint of romance

What exactly is teasing and joking conversation? One hot day at a café, a young man methodically told me the real story of how he picked up a girl.

“I found a girl sitting alone, I dared to buy her a coffee and two doughnuts and asked her, ‘Do you like doughnuts?’ and she responded, ‘I don’t hate them. ‘I bought two by mistake, so I’ll give you one. I asked her to join me in a lighthearted joking conversation. When I found out that he was a college student working part-time, I said, ‘Money is very important, isn’t it? You must be the type of person who loves saving money and smiles when you look at your bank book (laugh).

When they let their guard down, I said, “I was thinking of staying in here today because it’s so hot (laughs), but there’s an interesting café near here called Miracle Café (referring to the hotel), so why don’t you take a look? If you don’t like it, you can go back here.

We headed for the hotel district.

“He said, ‘This is it. The sign is a little different, but it used to be called Miracle Cafe until yesterday, so it’s the same inside.

There are three important things here. (1) to have a variety of conversation skills for flirting and joking around, (2) to never flirt with a woman or show any sexual feelings toward her. Women will always look down on a man if he is flirtatious or shows a hint of sexual love. This is not the way to get a beautiful woman. This is because most of the men who come courting or picking up women are like that.

Leaving the café after an hour is also calculated. I want to talk more! and when a woman’s mind is in the right mood, he cuts her off with a bang. Then, as a woman who has been left halfway through the conversation, her desire to stay with him afterwards is triggered.

“When we leave the café, I hold her hand with a sense of routine and we go to the hotel district. Here, too, I would ask, ‘Which do you prefer, this haunted hotel or that new one over there? or “This café (hotel) is spacious and has karaoke, and I highly recommend it for talking.

Now that I understand the process, what should I say to a young girl on the street? But what kind of words should one say to a young girl on the street?

I often use, ‘Excuse me, have you seen a little penguin walking around here? which is a way of entering a place that has lost its rush. If there is even the slightest reaction, I’ll joke around like, ‘I was stunned at what to do with my beloved penguin (laughs),’ just to shake things up. This is called the “lost” method.

 Another method is to say, “Hey, you dropped your cell phone,” and hand them your cell phone. Naturally, the reply will be, “No, it’s not my cell phone. I jokingly connect the conversation by saying, “Hey, that’s my cell phone, and it looks just like your sister’s, doesn’t it? This is the “drop” type of conversation, in which you start with the lost and found. If you don’t connect the conversation with a series of jokes that lead to a jokey conversation, you are likely to be sunk. You need to have a drawer that can naturally lead to such a conversation and, in any case, you need to have a lot of chances to pick up women.

Even after reading this far, many people may still think, “There is no way a girl in her 20s is going to go along with an old man. The basic premise is that women should not have forced sexual intercourse if they do not want to, and that consent is the only prerequisite. Therefore, it is necessary to have a proper understanding of the insincere pick-up game and put it into practice. However, he said that if one does so, it will be possible for an old man to take home a beautiful 20-something girl on the same day.

Finally, here is a link to Waka’s actual pick-up video (https://youtu.be/4sXd4wna_HY). It will surely be an eye-opener for you.


Waka is a graduate of the University of Tokyo (majoring in brain science), a former private school instructor, and a former student at the University of Tokyo. At the age of 48, he became engaged to a woman in her 20s whom he met at work, but the engagement was called off just before the wedding ceremony. Shocked by the rejection, he began to seriously study how to attract young women with his whole life. He developed an original method of picking up non-sincere women and began seducing numerous women. The pick-up school he runs is so popular that 60 to 70 women are enrolled at any given time. He is the author of the book “Ossan no 20-sai no bisho bisho nihonjitsukei chanpo jutsu” (An Old Man’s Method for Picking Up Beautiful Women in Their 20s) published by Selva Publishing Co.

  • Interview and text by Ryota Katayose

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