Nakayamakinin-kun is also a customer! What is “Dentsu Meshi Shokudo” that offers free hot pot in exchange for dented episodes? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nakayamakinin-kun is also a customer! What is “Dentsu Meshi Shokudo” that offers free hot pot in exchange for dented episodes?

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On Omotesando, which is beautifully decorated with Christmas lights and many young people are enjoying shopping and taking pictures with happy faces, there is a diner where only depressed people gather.

During peak hours, people sometimes have to wait for more than two hours.

The name of the restaurant is “Kyu-Ku-Meshi Shokudo” (concave meal diner). In exchange for filling in the “concavity panel” distributed at the storefront with your concave episodes, you can eat a warm nabe (hot pot) for free.

There are three types of nabe available: “Sesame Soy Milk Nabe,” “Yakiago Dashi Nabe,” and “Kimchi Nabe. Each is topped with cheese, butter, or other melt-in-your-mouth ingredients that match the broth of the nabe, as if to melt away dented feelings.

The most popular one, sesame soy milk nabe, is a special arrangement of the creamy nabe broth with toppings such as fish paste with the original logo and a “dent” shaped topping, which can only be enjoyed at this event.

The restaurant has become a popular diner, with customers lining up every day to try the delicious nabe to refresh their depressed moods caused by failures at work or painful events in their private lives.

Mr. Tanaka of Mizkan Corporation, which operates Kyu-Meshi Shokudo, explains how Kyu-Meshi Shokudo was born.

We have been supporting physical health through food. We started this project to support not only physical health but also mental health. In the company, a section called the “No Dent Section,” to which the director also belongs, has been created, and an in-house experiment showed that 85.7% of people felt refreshed after eating a meal. We will continue to support not only your physical health but also your mental health through food.

He says enthusiastically.

When we asked the waitress in charge of cooking and serving the hot pot, she replied, “It’s only been a week since we opened, and I’m still working on it.

We have only been open for about a week, but we have had a lot of customers come in. When I see customers who had gloomy expressions on their faces when they first came to the restaurant leave with cheerful expressions after eating nabe, it makes me feel cheerful, too. After all, it is important to eat a full meal and forget about the bad things, isn’t it?

(Laughs).” He says that the customers who come to his restaurant give him energy.

The “depression panels” inside the store include a panel of celebrities, such as Nakayamakini-kun’s “I didn’t win the ‘buzzword of the year’ award, but…” and former SKE48 member Akari Suda’s “I’ve gotten used to being alone too much. There were also a panel that read, “I was recently dumped by my boyfriend,” and another that read, “The Japanese national soccer team, which I had been rooting for, lost.

A woman who came to the store after the reporter said

I broke my favorite cup that a friend gave me more than 10 years ago. It was something I had used carefully, so I was pretty upset, but after eating kimchi nabe here, I feel a little better.

I felt a little better after eating kimchi nabe here,” he replied as he pasted a survey sticker on his way out of the restaurant. Another man who came to the store told us

He said, “I made a terrible mistake in the presentation I had practiced so hard for. My boss comforted me, but I think eating delicious food is the best way to clear my mind. I will do my best to do well in my next presentation.

He responded with a smile.

As mentioned above, “Kuzumeshi Shokudo” will be open until December 18 (Sun.). If you post a photo taken at the restaurant with the designated hashtag on your social networking site, you will receive one of 12 kinds of Mitsukan’s nabe-tsuyu series as a free gift, but the limited number of orders (80 on weekdays and 200 on weekends) means that you might want to get there early.

With the recent news, not only the temperature but also our moods have been depressed, so it may be a good idea to refresh your depressed feelings by eating a hot nabe.

A large number of “dented episodes” were submitted to the Dentsu Meshi Project this time.
Almost all respondents said they felt refreshed after eating nabe.
Most of them are female customers, and many of them come with friends and family!
The most popular sesame soy milk nabe. The ingredients are cut into cute shapes.
Visitors can also enjoy a chance to win a pot of hot pot.
  • Interview and text Hirokazu Ueno Photographs Takero Yui

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