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Scalp care, compact dryers…the most powerful home appliances! Pick up mega-hit products from newcomers

2023 Popular Health Care Appliances, High-Tech Appliances Don't let inflation get you down! Includes a calendar that shows you at a glance when it's best to buy!

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Cutting Edge of “Men’s Beauty” – Shaving Care for Scalp

Soaring Popularity! Health Care Appliances

Many of our readers are probably waiting for their winter bonuses to buy popular home appliances as a reward for themselves. Beauty appliances are exploding in popularity right now.

Makiko Tanaka, an expert on beauty and lifestyle appliances, says, “Women are more concerned about skin and style than men.

Now that more men than women are concerned about their skin and style, beauty appliances for men are popping up one after another. Among them, Ya-Man is a brand that is taking off. I get the impression that even relatively high-priced appliances are selling steadily.

One of the concerns in men’s skin care is the damage to the skin caused by daily shaving. Ya-Man’s “Hot Shave Shaver HOT SHAVE” is equipped with an RF (radio frequency) generator that warms the skin deeply to increase its elasticity. The secret to its popularity is the ease with which RF, which is also used in professional beauty equipment, can be used at home.

Sotsu Medical’s “MYAVE” is a popular product among men because of its ease of use at home, which is also used in professional beauty equipment. Sotsu Medical’s “MYTREX EMS HEAD SPA” uses low-frequency electrical stimulation to massage the muscles. When applied to the scalp or face while bathing, it can be easily massaged, and is effective in revitalizing the scalp and lifting facial muscles,” says Tanaka.

Since beauty appliances are not inexpensive, it is best to carefully select the best products that will give you the best results.

Electricity bills cut in half! A big advantage of buying a new one!

The most cost-effective! White Goods

The global surge in energy prices is also affecting the year-end sales season. The trend to replace white goods with new models is accelerating, as they are constantly costing more in electricity bills.

“White goods should be selected by paying attention to both price and electricity costs. If you buy appliances with specifications and sizes that exceed your needs, the rush to raise electricity bills will do more damage than good, and you will regret it,” says Tetsuto Fujiyama, a home appliance critic.

Refrigerators and air conditioners consume the largest amount of electricity.

With technological innovation, the electricity bill for a 100-liter refrigerator is now half that of a product 10 years ago. Chinese-made home appliances, which used to have concerns about reliability, have also improved their specifications, and if you are looking for a cost-effective product, the Hisense refrigerator is currently the number one choice. Replacing your air conditioner will also greatly reduce your electricity bill. Japanese-made air conditioners are excellent, but Chinese-made air conditioners will also function well in a room of less than 14 tatami mats.

Among high-tech refrigerators, models equipped with a “camera” to prevent duplicate purchases or forgetting to buy are popular. After the door is closed, the camera automatically takes pictures of the inside of the refrigerator. The contents can be checked with a smartphone from outside the house.

Vacuum cleaners are also becoming increasingly high-tech among white goods. Dyson and Roomba have been at the top of the list, but now Shark’s compact vacuum cleaners are the focus of attention.

Home Appliances Go High-Tech: Which Products Are You Aiming for?

Experience the new technology! High-tech and unusual home appliances

Audio/visual equipment and small home appliances help to take our daily lives to the next level. Since they are more of a hobby than a necessity, it is difficult to decide how much to invest in them.

Mr. Fujiyama, the aforementioned Mr. Fujiyama, says, “For TVs, it is important to have a high-definition TV.

For TVs, high-definition 4K TVs have been around for a long time. However, I have the impression that 4K TVs can only reach their full potential on a 42-inch or larger screen. If that’s the case, it’s possible to replace PC monitors with high-quality ones that are compatible with the latest gadgets, such as games and VR masks, both in terms of performance and cosmetics.”

The interesting thing about small home appliances is that even products that seem to be for the “experts” sell well.

Since Corona, Barmuda steam toasters have been selling well. The latest model has a ‘salamander mode’ that heats the surface strongly at the end of cooking to give it a crispy texture. The newest model has attracted a lot of attention for its ability to make ready-made prepared foods and hard bread taste professional, and is in short supply one after another. Coffee makers and low-temperature cookers have also been introduced one after the other, and with the recent health consciousness, home appliances that can cook “deliciously and healthily” are gaining popularity,” said Tanaka.

Home appliances also continue to evolve to meet niche needs. One popular product this winter is the “Morus” compact clothes dryer. It solves the problem of single-dwelling people who find that bath dryers, clothes dryers, and drum-type washing machines take too much electricity and time to dry their clothes. It is an excellent product that can be placed on a tabletop and can dry the clothes you want to use in as little as 15 minutes.

To celebrate the New Year, we would like to buy the latest home appliances at ……, but did you know that there is a “buying time” for home appliances? The calendar above shows the best times to buy new home appliances at reasonable prices.

Prices for air conditioners tend to drop in May and June before summer, and prices for air purifiers and humidifiers tend to drop before winter, just before new products are released. The year-end and New Year holidays are not the best time to buy home appliances, but items that are new all year round, such as health care appliances and small home appliances, are sometimes discounted on the first sale. Check the websites and flyers of electronics retailers to make sure you don’t miss out,” says Fujiyama.

Get the latest home appliances that will surely play an active role in your home at the lowest possible price.

They are more expensive during the year-end and New Year holidays. ……
Cooking appliances and rice cookers have a chance to win

Except for the New Year’s sales, home appliances do not get much cheaper during the year-end and New Year’s holidays. However, “there are some areas where you can get a good price,” says Tanaka. These are household appliances and small home appliances, which are new all year round. After six months on the market, prices begin to decline. Now is the time to look for such products.

Prices are actual prices as of December 5, 2022 (tax included).

From the December 23, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • Supervisor Tetsuto Fujiyama (consumer electronics critic), Makiko Tanaka (consumer electronics writer) Editing and writing Fujiko Sakai (Kaiyusha) Design Maki Murakami

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