Tackey and Jin Akanishi “accidental reunion” also reveals their phone conversation. Tacky and Jin Akanishi “meet again by chance”, but the phone conversation is revealed. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tackey and Jin Akanishi “accidental reunion” also reveals their phone conversation. Tacky and Jin Akanishi “meet again by chance”, but the phone conversation is revealed.

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Hideaki Takizawa, aka Tackey, left Johnny’s at the end of October. His future activities are attracting attention…

Hideaki Takizawa, a.k.a. “Tackey,” has been the focus of much attention.

He announced his resignation from Johnny’s at the end of October. At the same time, three members of the popular group “King & Prince” also announced that they would be leaving the group next year, and it was pointed out that they were related to Takizawa.

The timing is too good to be true,” said Mr. Takizawa. Takizawa and Shiyoh Hirano also have in common that they have strongly inherited the teachings of the late Mr. Kitagawa Janney to advance in the world. Rumors that they will join forces at some point have not disappeared.

Takizawa, who has been very busy, has publicly stated that he will “take a break” for a while. This is due in part to the fact that negotiations with Johnny’s regarding his departure from the company are still ongoing. According to a source in the entertainment industry

“The Johnny’s office is concerned about the ‘pulling out’ of talents,” said a source in the entertainment industry. However, prohibiting this may be in violation of the current labor laws. The agency is still in communication with the agency through its agent.

The “Mere Old Man” is not sure what to make of the situation.

Meanwhile, fans are talking about a “face-to-face” meeting between Takizawa and former KAT-TUN member Jin Akanishi. On December 11, Takizawa updated his Instagram story function and wrote

I met Jin at a yakiniku restaurant!

and reported, “I met Jin at a yakiniku restaurant! He uploaded a video of yakiniku sauce and used Akanishi’s song “ETERNAL” as background music, with the song’s lyrics

“You’re alive and smiling, that’s all I’m happy about.

The song’s lyrics, “You’re smiling, you’re alive, that’s all I’m happy about.

Late at night on the 10th, he tweeted

Jin! I met him by chance! Seriously?

posted on Twitter. Akanishi responded to this

I forgot to take a picture: !!!!

and retweeted it. Takizawa responded with

I forgot to take a picture of it. We called yesterday and talked about having dinner~! Surprise!

He seemed surprised to see Takizawa right after they had promised to have dinner over the phone. The excitement was not over even after the first light of day.

Good morning! I was really scared yesterday. I haven’t seen Jin in a long time! It’s truly midnight in the eternal!

It’s midnight eternal!

Whether it was really a coincidence or a fake race, fans paid attention to the fact that Takizawa-san and Akanishi were in direct communication by phone.

When Mr. Takizawa opened his Twitter page, fans and the entertainment media were skeptical. It was Akanishi who “endorsed” Takizawa as the real Takizawa.

Since he called Akanishi directly and not via LINE or other tools, there is a possibility that they are discussing their future plans at length.

Some sports newspapers reported that Mr. Takizawa was “establishing a new agency” through his Dubai connections. Takizawa immediately denied this. The wide-show insider mentioned above said

“It seems that the sports paper really was a hasty mistake.

The next report that surfaced was that the red-haired man was a member of the West Coast Red Cross.

What has emerged instead is the possibility of entering the Chinese market through the Akanishi route. After leaving Johnny’s, Akanishi performed at the “Shanghai west bund music festival” in September 2002, and also held a solo performance. The following year, he won the “Asian Popular Artist Award” and the “Music Award of the Year” at the “Ai Qi Gei Jian Yue” held in Beijing, and also appeared in a TV drama.

He has over 3 million followers on the Chinese version of Twitter “Weibo,” and in ’18 he also won the “Most Influential Artist Award” at the “WEIBO Account Festival in Japan 2018 ” He also won the “Most Influential Artist Award.

He is a “Johnny’s newcomer to China. Akanishi has been successful there. Sometimes work comes in through Weibo.

The scale of the market is vastly different from that of Japan. There is a possibility that Mr. Takizawa will use China as a foothold from which to expand his business worldwide.

We cannot take our eyes off Takizawa and Akanishi’s exchange.

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