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Former Prime Minister Suga’s “self-praise speech” at a breakfast meeting on the day of dissolution

At a meeting held on the day of the dissolution: ......

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Former Prime Minister Kan enters the venue

On October 14, the day of the dissolution of the Diet, former Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, 72, was invited to speak at the “Tomohiro Yamamoto Breakfast Study Session” held at the LDP headquarters.

“I’m Yoshihide Kan, the ‘former’ prime minister.

When he was the current prime minister, he blew himself up with the greeting “I’m Garth Soo” at the beginning of his appearance on Nico Nico Douga, but even after leaving office, he tried to get some laughs with his self-introduction.

After his resignation, he tried to get some laughs with his self-introduction. When the 40 or so participants laughed in return, he seemed to be in a good mood and introduced Tomohiro Yamamoto, a member of the House of Representatives sitting next to him, who has been elected in proportional resurrection.

“I’ve been promoting reforms as prime minister for about a year.

He then went on to describe the difficulties he faced in dealing with Corona during his tenure.

The top priority was to deal with corona,” he said, “and while we couldn’t see the whole picture, we groped around and listened to the opinions of experts and fought corona one step at a time. If you look at the situation overseas, even with strict restrictions on behavior and other measures, it hasn’t stopped. We decided that the best way to contain corona was to vaccinate people against it. We set a high target of one million doses per day and tried to get everyone to take the vaccine as soon as possible, but there were not enough doses.

Without being bound by conventional thinking, we asked dentists, paramedics, and clinical technicians to administer the vaccine if we did not have enough people to do so. We introduced inoculation in the workplace and have been doing our best. We did everything we could to consolidate Kasumigaseki, and in June we averaged 1.1 million doses per day, then 1.5 million in July, and 1.2 million in August, proceeding at a pace faster than expected, exceeding 140 million doses. The number of new infections has clearly decreased. And the risk of serious illness has been lowered.”

If he had held off on stepping down for a week, postponed the presidential election, and rushed into a general election, the Kan administration might have been able to continue. Nevertheless, there is no if in history, and politicians are held accountable for their actions. Even so, all Kan could talk about was how he lowered cell phone rates, raised the minimum wage, and achieved the first 35-student elementary school class in 40 years.

“I built the Digital Agency in one year. It usually takes three to four years.

He said, “We achieved a reform to have elderly people with a certain income pay 20 percent of the medical expenses. This is something we normally don’t do before an election.”

The Kan administration has not stopped boasting about its achievements, which the public has already begun to forget. Perhaps remembering former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s betrayal in the presidential election, he said, his pulse and blood pressure rising.

“We have done what we needed to do at a very fast pace. Seventy percent of the population has been vaccinated once, and 60 percent of the population has completed two doses. If we continue at this rate, our country will be one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of vaccination.

The meeting was held with no media allowed.

The anti-corona measures were unpopular, but he made a strong appeal that this was not the case. However, if corona were to be contained, it would be an achievement for new Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. It is reminiscent of Ayaka Ogawa, who was selected as the main anchor from a supporting role and is now being crushed under the pressure.

However, I wonder if there would have been a different scenario if she had relaxed her shoulders and spoken to the people with a smile on her face from time to time, as she did in her speech that day. …… “After the speech, Kan left the venue with only two SPs in tow.

When Yamamoto asked him about holding the study session on the morning of the day of the dissolution, he replied, “It just so happened that the timing was right.

“We hold a breakfast study meeting every two months. This October, I ask Kan-sensei, whom I rely on the most, to be the lecturer every year. That’s all. There is no deep meaning or anything.”

Prime Minister Kishida dissolved the House of Representatives on October 14, with the election to be announced on October 19 and held on October 31. I wonder if this breakfast study session will be held next October, and if former Prime Minister Kan will visit as a lecturer.

  • Interview and text by Daisuke Iwasaki Photo: Takeshi Kinugawa Takeshi Kinugawa

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