Interview with Junka, “27 years younger wife” of Kenzo Nakamoto To those who call me a “bad woman | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Interview with Junka, “27 years younger wife” of Kenzo Nakamoto To those who call me a “bad woman

Interview with Junka Mishiro, "27 years younger wife" of Construction Nakamoto (81 years old), who went to her apartment to protect her from a weekly magazine's interview, and the traffic accident occurred at that time.

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Junka looks a little worn out. For about three months after Mr. Nakamoto’s death, she said, “It was as if I was struggling in a dream.

In mid-December, Junka Miedai, 54, the common-law wife of Mr. Ken Nakamoto (81 years old), appeared at a coffee shop in Yokohama City, clearly exhausted. She has been subjected to intense bashing since just before Mr. Nakamoto’s death in a traffic accident on October 19 of this year, and she has been mentally overwhelmed. Junka reflected on the “three months of disappointment.

In early October, a reporter suddenly came to my apartment and persistently asked about my ‘separation’ from Nakamoto. I explained that we were only separated because I had decided to open a curry shop in Yokohama, but that I saw Nakamoto every day and that we were not on bad terms. ……

In the end, however, their separation was reported in the October 13 issue of Shukan Shincho, and Nakamoto’s home in Meguro-ku was said to be a “trashed house. According to Junka, when Ms. Nakamoto saw the article, she said, “Who is telling reporters these eight hundred lies! She was furious, saying, “I have no right to be called a ‘trash house’ when I have not caused any trouble to the people around me.

Then tragedy strikes. Junka is also furious about the traffic accident that took her husband’s life, saying, “It would never have happened without that article.

After the Shincho article came out, another reporter came to our apartment in Yokohama. It was about 6:30 in the morning on October 18, and I told him, ‘You don’t have to come so early in the morning,’ but he said, ‘It’s okay, it’s okay. That was our last conversation.

After Nakamoto parked his car in a parking lot near my house, he was on his way to his apartment when he had an accident. He crossed the street without walking to the crosswalk and was hit by a wagon. She must have been in a hurry to protect me in the midst of all the fuss over the weekly magazine article. ……”

Mr. Nakamoto was rushed to a hospital in Yokohama City and underwent emergency surgery, but he did not return home the next day, on the 19th.

After Ms. Nakamoto’s death, the bashing of Junka became increasingly heated. The best example of this is the incident with Cha Kato (79), a close friend from the Drift era. The article reported that after the accident, Kato rushed to Junka’s hospital room and yelled at her, “It’s your fault that Nakamoto became like this! Junka strongly denies it. Junka strongly denies this.

When I met them at the hospital, both Mr. Kato and Boo Takagi (89) were in a state of shock. When I told them about the circumstances of the accident, they just nodded their heads and said, ‘Yeah, yeah. There is absolutely no way that the mild-mannered Mr. Kato would have yelled at me. It is unforgivable that he not only slapped me, but also brought up Mr. Kato’s name for something he did not say.”

There were also other articles claiming that Junka had been having a mistress before Ms. Nakamoto’s death. She categorically denies this as well.

There is no such thing as a mistress. There was a regular customer at the restaurant who made advances toward me, even though he knew that I was married to Nakamoto. I had him banned from the restaurant, but it is possible that he has a grudge against me and is leaking all sorts of information.

Nakamoto, who has been married twice before, has three children. There were also reports of a feud with them over the wake and funeral.

He said, “I don’t have a bad relationship with Nakamoto’s children. My eldest son even said to me, ‘Please have Junka be the mourner. I declined, saying, ‘It’s not reasonable for me to be a pallbearer when I haven’t joined the family register.

Junka says she is considering a lawsuit against the person who made her out to be a “bad woman. At the end of the interview, she strongly stated, “I only want to restore Nakamoto’s honor.

The two cosplaying as Lupin III and Fujiko Mine. Although they were not registered, they held a wedding press conference in ’12, which attracted a lot of attention.
The accident site is about 80 meters from Junka’s apartment. In addition to flowers, a portrait of Ms. Nakamoto was painted on a telephone pole.

From the December 30, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Kenshi Miyoshi, courtesy of Junka (2nd photo)

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