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The surprising reason why Go Ayano’s reputation changed drastically in “Avalanche

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Go Ayano goes shopping in a rough fashion between shoots.

I want to say, “Welcome back, Go Ayano. That’s how good Go Ayano (39) was in Monday’s drama “Avalanche” (Fuji TV, Kantele). The Internet was full of comments like, “Go Ayano’s appropriate use! “Go Ayano was so cool. The story is about a police force that is trying to cover up a crime.

The story depicts the activities of Avalanche, a group of outlaws who secretly investigate cases that the police try to cover up and use the Internet to expose them to the light of day. Tsuyoshi Ayano is the leader of Avalanche, a rather crazy character who beats up his enemies with a smile on his face. The background of his crazy behavior seems to be related to an incident when he was a police officer ……, and the storyline is perfect.

Tsuyoshi Ayano has long since established himself as an actor of acting caliber. In recent years, he has been taking on characters that are a little out of his usual range, such as the goofy detective in “MIU 404” (TBS) and the sergeant who falls in love with Satomi Ishihara in “Love is Deep” (NTV), perhaps in search of new ground. Although he received good reviews for his acting skills in all of these roles, fans of Tsuyoshi Ayano felt blissfully uncomfortable saying, “That’s not the point.

The stress was beginning to build up, and then came the “Welcome Back, Go Ayano”. Yes, his true charm is fully demonstrated in roles where he is comically whimsical, but has a dark past behind him, and when the situation calls for it, he unleashes an unfathomable madness.

You may think that there are other actors who can play such a character. However, the point of this “comical whimsy” is that it requires a certain amount of “cheesiness” in order to create that atmosphere. However, actors who play leading roles have too much of an aura, and even if they can play the dark and crazy parts well, it is difficult for them to embody this “cheesiness” in a natural way. I say this as a compliment, but I have always felt that Go Ayano is one of the only actors who has the aura of cheesy.

So, I would like to introduce some of his best works to those who may not have seen many of them, but who first noticed his inherent charm in Avalanche. I would like to introduce some of his best works to date, all of which feature him playing characters that you just can’t do without. I’m sure there are many people who may feel “different! I’m sure there are many of you who may feel differently, but please overlook that.

1. “The Worst Guys in Japan” (2016)

In this movie, Tsuyoshi Ayano plays Morohoshi, a typical police officer who is a mummy who became a mummy. Morohoshi was an ace detective who solved one difficult case after another by having a close relationship with the yakuza, but he eventually crossed the line and became involved in evil. As a character, Morohoshi is somewhat similar to the Kabukicho host Shiratori, who was played by Tsuyoshi Ayano in the “Shinjuku Swan” series (2015 and 2005), but if Shiratori is the “yang” version, Morohoshi is the “negative” version. Morohoshi is the “negative” version of Shiratori.

Although he has the charm of being on equal footing with the yakuza and is easy to hate, he can’t distinguish between right and wrong and eventually falls to the point of being corrupt. This is exactly the kind of role that could only be played by the cheesy yet flamboyant Tsuyoshi Ayano.

2. The movie “Only There to Shine” (2014)

In this movie, Tsuyoshi Ayano plays Tatsuo Sato, a man who spends his days playing pachinko (Japanese pinball game) and drinking alcohol without working. In fact, he was an excellent stone blasting craftsman, but he has never recovered from the accident that killed his younger colleague. Tatsuo gradually changes when he meets Chinatsu (Chizuru Ikewaki), a woman who works at a fishery factory and sells her body for money, and comes to have a heart-to-heart relationship with her.

The film is set in a corner of Hakodate that has been omitted from the redevelopment process. The film is set in a part of Hakodate that has been left out of the redevelopment process, and while the setting of “The Worst Guys in Japan” was also in Hokkaido, with its northern entertainment district of Susukino, I feel that Tsuyoshi Ayano is an actor who is best suited to work in a place with this kind of dangerous energy.

3. The movie “Helter Skelter” (2012)

This movie came out when Tsuyoshi Ayano was just starting to show signs of his breakthrough. In this film, he plays Okumura, a novice cameraman who, along with his girlfriend (Shinobu Terajima), is dominated by Ririko, a full-body plastic surgeon played by Erika Sawajiri. The way he falls because of his mediocrity is supremely slutty and erotic, and the sex appeal of the young Tsuyoshi Ayano is on full display. This is a film you should definitely watch, but just in case, it is rated R15+.

These are the three films I recommend by Tsuyoshi Ayano. It is said that the number of actors with individuality is decreasing these days. It’s great to see an actor who can play a role that only he (or she) can play. I hope to enjoy watching “Avalanche” in the future.

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