Gang Member Arrested for Intervening in Fight between Junior High School Students in Saitama, Japan Neighbors Reveal “Too Bad Behavior | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gang Member Arrested for Intervening in Fight between Junior High School Students in Saitama, Japan Neighbors Reveal “Too Bad Behavior

Whenever there was a fight, he would throw the futon out of the window.

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There was a lot of trouble anyway. Five or six people in suicide jackets on bikes with big backrests would come and go day and night, blasting their bikes around. Whenever there was a fight in the house, they would throw everything out the window, from the futon to the bedding, so it was very difficult for us in the neighborhood,” said a neighbor of the Oguchi suspect.

In October this year, a junior high school girl and a junior high school boy got into trouble on SNS over who was a famous yankee in Saitama, and Naoto Oguchi, 25, a gang member in the Sumiyoshikai gang, who was an acquaintance of the junior high school girl, intervened. On December 7, 11 people, including the junior high school girl, were arrested on suspicion of inflicting serious injuries on the junior high school boy together with his friends.

Of the 11 arrested, three adults were adults: Masashi Hakomori, 25, and Tatsuki Tauchi, 22, in addition to the Oguchi suspect. Of these, Oguchi is considered the main suspect. Oguchi was well known for his bad behavior in his hometown before the incident. A neighbor of the aforementioned said, “At least twice in the past, Oguchi has been arrested.

About five years ago, the police entered Oguchi’s room at around 7:00 a.m. and found him handcuffed and coming out the front door. It was a car theft, apparently. I had left the stolen bike and the garbage around there. Not only the Saitama Prefectural Police, but also the Kanagawa Prefectural Police had come to Oguchi’s house.”

Trouble had also occurred just before the incident.

Two months ago,” he said, “I was parking my car in someone else’s parking space, and when I warned him about it, he suddenly yelled at me, ‘What the hell, you son of a bitch. Oguchi would park wherever there was an open space in the parking lot, so he was always getting into trouble.

The scene of the incident was a riverside near the Arakawa River in Saitama City. After being locked in a car, the junior high school boy was beaten with an iron pipe and fists to the face and other parts of his body, and suffered broken ribs and a broken nose, resulting in a total of three months of recovery.

In addition, the suspect, Hakomori, one of the three adults arrested, also had a very bad behavior. A neighbor revealed, “I woke up at night to the sound of the engine.

He was so noisy that I would wake up at night to the sound of his engine. It was almost always a modified car that was making the noise. I thought it was a waste of a nice car. For the past two or three months, I haven’t been able to hear it, and I wondered what was wrong.”

Tauchi, who was also arrested this time, was a member of the Old Car Club. The “old car club” is a group that rides around on modified old model cars and mopeds. We interviewed a man familiar with the situation of motorcycle gangs in Saitama.

In short, they are “adult motorcycle gangs. There used to be many dangerous motorcycle gangs in Kawaguchi and Warabi, but now there are almost none. The police have tightened up on them so much that they can no longer run because their suicide uniforms have been confiscated by the police station. The biker gangs now gather in the Toda area. There is also a group that is said to have links with the semi-gres.

A small argument over who was the more famous yankee in Saitama led to the arrest of 11 people in this incident. Eight of the 11 arrested were minors. Oguchi and the other suspects are extremely responsible for getting involved in a fight between junior high school students and causing it to escalate into an incident of injury.

The junior high school boys and girls had an argument on SNS, then held a meeting at Warabi Station, where they broke up without incident that day.
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