Reina Sumi’s “too bold yellow one-piece dress” is revealed to the delight of her fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Reina Sumi’s “too bold yellow one-piece dress” is revealed to the delight of her fans!

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Reina Sumi, a freelance announcer, has been attracting attention for her “too bold yellow one-piece dress” that she revealed on her Instagram account, saying it was too cute. She received a flood of comments praising her, saying, “She looks beautiful today,” “She’s so cute,” and “She’s wearing an austere one-piece dress.

Washimi showed off an elegant yellow one-piece dress. It has a beautiful design with an open bust and the volume of the sleeves is elegant (from her Instagram @sumi_reina).

Speaking of Washimi, whenever she appears in a TV program or magazine, she always reports and announces it on her Instagram. As an influencer with 790,000 followers, her posts are sure to be highly effective in promoting the show. This kind of diligence may be the reason why she continues to be selected for the program.

The site that Washimi has just promoted is …….

She said, “I will appear on Horse Racing BEAT, which will be broadcast live on Tokai TV later today. Today is the GI Champions Cup! Which horse will be crowned King of Dirt? Please let us know your predictions. I’ve decided on a single horse multiple today!” (from Washimi’s Instagram)

Washimi shared a photo of herself in a yellow one-piece dress. It was designed to be boldly open at the bust, and Washimi apparently took a selfie of herself in the dressing room through a mirror. She recalled, “The waiting room was a room full of mirrors!” she recalled.

Born in 1990, Washimi is a freelance announcer who joined TV Tokyo as an announcer in 2013 and has appeared in several TV programs, including “Ie, Tsuki Dorei Iai ka? After leaving the company in 2020, she became a freelance announcer for St. Force. Currently, she is a freelance announcer for NTV’s “Zoom In! Saturday” and TBS’s “Flames of Athletics TV”.

Sumi has many sports-related jobs. In fact, she has outstanding athletic skills, having participated in a national soccer tournament in her elementary school days, and her hobby is dancing. Incidentally, he has also appeared in TV programs related to horse racing, such as Fuji Television’s “Horse Racing Kingdom” and “Minna no KIEBA” in the past.

He is sure to run with horsepower as good as the great horses in 2023. ……!

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