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Kim Jong-un’s fears… Why North Korea is growing wary of the Squid Game

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The “Squid Game” has become a social phenomenon around the world. People dress up as the characters.

South Korea In South Korea, the drama “The Squid Game” is reportedly gaining popularity among viewers. The drama “Squid Game” is said to be gaining popularity among viewers in South Korea, probably because it exposes the reality of South Korea and capitalist society, with its extreme competition for survival and the prevalence of the weak and the strong.

This is how the North Korean foreign media outlet “Kodama” sarcastically reported it. October October October 12 On October 12, the North Korean foreign media outlet Mary (Kodama) published an article titled “Squid Game, a drama exposing the realities of South Korean society, is popular. While introducing the content of the drama, the article criticized South Korea for “widespread injustice and corruption” and “moral decadence.

The “Squid Game” has been available on the content distribution site “Netflix” since September this year. Netflix “The Squid Game is a film that was released on the content distribution site Netflix in September this year. 100 million worldwide nearly 50 million households worldwide. Nearly 150 million households around the world have watched it, and it is the most watched movie on Netflix “It is the biggest hit on Netflix. The story is about an abducted 456 The story is about 456 people who were kidnapped. 456 billion won (about 4.5 billion yen. The story is about 456 people participating in a game of “Daruma-san ga Tottorita” (Daruma-san has fallen) for a prize of 45.6 billion won (about 4.5 billion yen). If they lose, their lives are mercilessly taken away, and there are many horrific scenes of slaughter. The aforementioned North Korean media outlet “Mary” also wrote

[Joon In the fierce competition for jobs, stocks, etc., the number of people who drop out is increasing dramatically in South Korea. Those who become winners in such a society should remember that they are standing on a pile of bodies of losers. The reality of living in a world where people are evaluated only by their money is filled with voices of resentment and horror. The Squid Game is a simple and entertaining expression of today’s fiercely competitive society that has won the sympathy of many people.

Why it’s more dangerous than “Crash Landing on Love”.

Mary” is a media outlet that people inside North Korea are not allowed to access. The Workers’ Daily, the official newspaper of the Workers’ Party of Korea, does not mention the “Squid Game. Daily News, an expert on the situation on the Korean Peninsula NK Japan, an expert on the situation on the Korean Peninsula, said.

“North Korea’s domestic media will not be able to write about the Squid Game. Even if the content is critical, it would arouse the curiosity of the public. I think the foreign media will only be able to mention the content and criticize South Korea.

Leader Kim Jong-un has strengthened the “Law on the Elimination of Reactionary Ideology and Culture” to crack down on the spread of Korean culture. He has warned that anyone who watches Korean dramas or movies will face extreme punishment, including the death penalty. They are afraid that the influx of content from abroad will spur liberal thought among the people and bring down the dictatorship centered on the Kim family.

But 19 Year 19 December Since December 20 It is well known that “Love’s Emergency Landing,” a very popular South Korean romantic comedy set in North and South Korea that aired in February 2008, was also viewed in North Korea. North Korea’s foreign media, Uriminjokkiri (Between Our Peoples), criticized it as “a work full of falsehoods and fabrications. Mr. Ko continues.

“No matter how much we tighten regulations, we can’t prevent the influx of ‘squid games’ into the country. How would the people of North Korea feel if they saw it? The first thing that comes to mind is the public executions that take place on a daily basis.

It reflects the reality not only of South Korea but also of North Korea. It may lead to a sense of criticism of Kim Jong-un and destabilization of the regime. It’s a more threatening work for the authorities than ‘Love’s Crash Landing,’ which was about love between a man and a woman.”

The key to toppling Kim Jong-un’s dictatorship may not be powerful weapons or economic sanctions, but foreign dramas.

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