Fans rejoice at Kyoko Fukada’s “pink top & pink lips” match! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice at Kyoko Fukada’s “pink top & pink lips” match!

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Fukada back in action with renewed vigor

Actress Kyoko Fukada’s “pink, plump lips” are the talk of the town, and a photo of them published in the latest issue of AERA’s interview with Fukada is drawing attention to their freshness.

Speaking of Fukada, in May of this year, her office suddenly announced that she was taking a leave of absence. It was also revealed that she had been diagnosed by doctors as suffering from “adjustment disorder.

Fukada is an extremely popular actress who is also known as the “Miracle of Arapo. She has been busy with movies, TV dramas, and commercials, and her life has been extremely busy. Even two days before her office announced that she would be taking a break, she had appeared at the unveiling of a new product of a company for which she works in commercials. Incidentally, the office explained that she had been in poor health since last spring, and it is believed that she had been overworking herself to a great extent.

However, three months later, Fukada posted a “report on the resumption of activities” on her Instagram account, saying, “My mind and body have recovered, and I am happy to report that I will resume my activities. The sudden return of the band had fans asking, “Isn’t it too soon? “I’m happy to report that I will be going back to work.

In this interview with AERA, she looked back on her time of recuperation.

“In an interview with AERA, she recalled her time during her recuperation: “When I was taking a break, there were many people who sent me messages of support in the comments section of Instagram, and I thought, ‘It’s okay for me to be here,’ and I was filled with gratitude all over again.

She also revealed an episode with her good friend Saori Yoshida.

She also revealed an episode with her good friend Saori Yoshida: “When we were together, she said to me, ‘I’ll reach out to you when you’re feeling down, so let’s work hard together and move forward. I’m always happy when I’m with Kyoko-chan.”

As for her future self, she said, “I have a tendency to think negatively, so I want to be a strong person who can carry out my will. I’d like to be a person who can say things like proverbs with confidence.

AERA also published the latest photo of Fukada. Fukada, wearing a pink top, is staring at the camera with her face turned away from the camera. Her trademark lips are too dazzling.

The movie “Lupin’s Daughter the Movie,” in which Fukada plays the lead role, was just released on October 15. Fukada seems to be busy with something after her return, including her first public greeting, but she really needs to take a break once in a while. ……!

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