High ratings in the new index, “LOVE it!” is gaining attention in the industry. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

High ratings in the new index, “LOVE it!” is gaining attention in the industry.

The Staff Saw It! Behind the Scenes of Weekly TV

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Why is “Ravit! is gaining attention in the industry.

From October, the popular comedy duo Einstein and model Mayu Yokota (22) will become regulars on the morning information variety show “LAVIT! (TBS) as regulars from October.

(TBS). Kawashima of “Kirin” will be the MC of “Lovit! Kawashima of Kirin, who is the MC of “Lovit!”, is well received by the young comedians who appear in the show for his brilliantly-tuned “Dai-kiri” quizzes that are “instructive”.

“When the show first started at the end of March, viewers were confused by the structure of the show, which lingered on specials on Ginza Cozy Corner and Muji Ryohin from the beginning, and the show was flying at a very low level. There were many who said that the show was about to be cancelled, but now it is gaining recognition both inside and outside the industry.

Surprisingly, it is said that the show’s lousy start has paid off.

Whenever Akira Kawashima (42) of Kirin, the MC of the show, appeared on another show, he was teased about “Love It! Whenever Akira Kawashima, 42, the MC of “Kirin,” appeared on other programs, he would tease him about “Love It! Since many viewers watch morning programs out of habit, new programs tend to struggle. Moreover, there are strong back-up programs such as “Sukkiri” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) and “Mezamashi 8” (Fuji Television Network, Inc.). Since they couldn’t compete with the same news channels, they decided to eliminate the color of news reporting, cut production costs, and change their focus to information variety in order to attract sponsors. That’s why the new Corona was so popular with viewers who felt suffocated by the new Corona, as it was ‘soothing.

The young TV personalities who appear on the show are very popular as a “big comedy show.

“Every day, there is a VTR introducing popular rankings of foods and daily necessities, from which a quiz is given. The young talents sitting on the stage do not give the correct answers, but rather focus on ‘how to make a joke. The quiz has become a “big comedy show,” and it is gaining popularity, especially among comedy fans.

In August, a spin-off program, “Midsummer Night’s Love,” will be distributed on “Paravi” with an even stronger comedy flavor. (TV magazine editor).

(TV magazine editor) “From October 1, “LAVIT! (TV magazine editor) On October 1, the information program “THE TIME,” hosted by analyst Shinichiro Azumi (48) and actor Teruyuki Kagawa (55), started in the slot (5:20 to 8:00) before “Ravit!

TBS’s decision to bring in ace analyst Azumi has had a big effect, with the first viewing rate of 6.5%, surpassing that of the previous program “Asa Chan! The viewership of “THE TIME,” is very high. There is a great possibility that the viewers of “THE TIME,” will watch “Love It! There is a great possibility that the viewers of “The Time,” will watch “Love It,” and we can expect higher ratings.

A source at an advertising agency said, “The fact that they replaced the members in a quick cycle is also very important.

“The fact that they’ve eliminated news means that there’s a risk that if the show gets stuck in a rut, people will get bored with it. I think that’s the reason why “Lovitt! is actively using young Johnny’s and popular models as monthly guests, which shows that they are conscious of buzz on SNS and core viewership. (Fuji Television Network, Inc.). (Fuji Television Network, Inc.) as a gateway to success for young talents, we can expect the program to have a long life.

Hernandez! (Nippon Television Network Corporation), which was supported by viewers who were looking for healing from the Corona disaster, saw its numbers increase significantly, but it took several years for it to take root. (NTV), which was supported by viewers who were looking for healing after the Corona disaster, saw its numbers increase significantly. might overtake the other programs in terms of viewership ratings?

From the October 22-29, 2021issue of FRIDAY

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