Rep. Gershey refuses to return to Japan because of the “attack on Prof. Miyadai.” Six months after his election, he is concerned about his future. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Rep. Gershey refuses to return to Japan because of the “attack on Prof. Miyadai.” Six months after his election, he is concerned about his future.

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Despite being elected to the House of Councillors in July, Mr. Gershey has yet to appear in the Diet (from his official channel).

Yoshikazu Azumaya, a.k.a. “Garcy,” a member of the House of Councillors, is making waves again.

Although Gurthy was elected to the House of Councillors in July as a candidate from the NHK party, he has not once appeared in the Diet due to his stay in Dubai in the Middle East. In response, the House Steering Committee asked

“For what reason has Ghasi refused to attend the convocation of the Diet and has been absent from plenary sessions and committee meetings since then?”

to the NHK Party’s Councillor Hamada. Gershey responded to this on social networking sites.

In the House of Councillors election, I was elected with 2,877,714 votes under the pledge that even if elected I would not return to Japan and would continue my political activities overseas. As I promised, I will continue to use social networking services to expose and prosecute corruption in politics, the economy, and the entertainment industry in order to eliminate the dissatisfaction in this country one by one. This is my promise to all of you who voted for me and understand me.”

He replied. He claimed that he was only fulfilling his promise.

He also cited the recent high-profile attack on sociologist Shinji Miyadai, and continued as follows

The shooting of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the attack on Professor Shinji Miyadai, in particular, was reported to have received death threats from those who were anti-Miyadai’s expressions. This is a despicable act that cannot be tolerated.

I, too, remain vigilant on a daily basis. I would like to attend the Diet meeting once my concerns about whether or not I will be safe upon my return to Japan have been resolved. For this reason, I would like to ask for your assurance that if I am ever in danger, Mr. Junichi Ishii, Chairman of the House Steering Committee, will take the lead in requesting cooperation from the House of Councilors to the National Police Agency and the Metropolitan Police Department to ensure my safety.

The mention of Mr. Miyadai’s name is Gyasi’s style. It is just like the request for VIP treatment by the police when returning to Japan.

There is a strong possibility that Gershie knew from the outset that such conditions were unacceptable, and “played” with them. A reporter for a sports newspaper commented on this

In other words, he has no intention of returning to Japan.

The reporter was disappointed.

It is not that he is not working as a Diet member at all. He actively participates in remote lectures and hearings with ministry officials. Gershey sometimes offers his opinions, but according to a reporter from a national newspaper’s society department, “He is a good talker.

He is a good talker and is good at giving the impression that he is doing his job, but I don’t think he learns much in advance. Whenever a technical word comes up in conversation with staff members, Gyasi sometimes laughs and says, “I’m an idiot…” to cover it up.

He said.

On the 5th (Japan Standard Time), Gyasi watched the World Cup soccer match between Japan and Croatia live in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Ghashie was reportedly seen pointing a smartphone at the stands.

Even in such a situation, Gyasi was paid a full winter bonus of 3.14 million yen on January 9. The disciplinary committee may take action against him in the future, but it does not have the authority to deprive him of his badge, so it will not hurt him.

The “exposure of politicians and other powerful people, which he had pledged to do, is also virtually nonexistent. Recently, he has been focusing on exposés of Johnny’s, but he has drawn the line at which he will not go beyond this point, and he does not touch the core of the story. It is possible that those who have been disappointed by his stories will turn away from Gershwin.

We, the voters, are the ones who elected Gyasi. We should keep this in mind as an important lesson.

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