With the announcement of KEIKO’s new song, will “globe” be revived as it was when she and Komuro had their honeymoon? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

With the announcement of KEIKO’s new song, will “globe” be revived as it was when she and Komuro had their honeymoon?

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In 2008, Komuro was arrested for fraud and after he was released on bail, they visited a shrine together

‘Ta-da! I’m KEIKO of globe. It’s been a while, everyone.”

On November 28, KEIKO (50), vocalist of the music unit “globe,” appeared live in the studio on OBS Radio’s “Joy to the Oita,” hosted by Mark Panther (52). Although she had made several phone-in appearances on the program in the past, this was the first time she spoke in front of an audience in a public live studio broadcast since she suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage in October 2011. He spoke while wearing a mask, but there was no sense that he was physically impaired or that he had any difficulty hearing what was being said.

I was hoping to deliver something to everyone, and I think this is the first step, and I will continue to work hard,” he said.

The announcement that KEIKO will appear on the TV program from January has filled the social networking sites with people who are happy about her return to the media, but as for KEIKO’s activities as a singer or member of globe, she said, “I don’t want to get my hopes up too high.

However, there were many comments about KEIKO’s return to singing and globe’s activities, such as, “Please don’t put too much pressure on KEIKO by expecting too much from her.

“Please don’t push yourself too hard.

and “Please don’t push yourself too hard. Then, on December 7, NEWS POST SEVEN reported that KEIKO had recorded a new song. According to the article, the new song is titled “WHITE OUT,” with Mark in charge of rapping, and was secretly recorded in late October.

What is particularly surprising about this report is that her ex-husband, music producer Tetsuya Komuro (64), is participating in the chorus. Indeed, globe is a unit that Komuro played a central role in creating. However, Komuro, who was thought to have been devotedly supporting KEIKO after she collapsed from a subarachnoid hemorrhage, was found to be having an affair in 2018, and their divorce was just finalized in February 2021 after a boggy trial. I don’t think anyone expected these two to be working as GLOBE again” (music industry insider).

Katsuto Matsuura, 58, chairman and representative director of Avex, Inc. also once expressed this opinion about globe’s re-activation on his YouTube channel.

I want to hear KEIKO sing, too. I want to hear it.

He prefaced his comment with the following words.

KEIKO can sing karaoke, but if you ask her if she can stand to be on stage, well, you know, ummmm…” He then slurred his words, saying, “I think it would be difficult to revive [globe].

She seemed to have almost given up on the idea of performing with globe again.

As evidenced by KEIKO’s threatening recovery and her words, “I think this is the first step,” I think she has a strong belief that she wants to stand on stage as globe once again, even if it is difficult for her to recover as much as she did in her prime. Her strength of will and energy when she felt she had to do something like this were well known in the industry.

Speaking of KEIKO, in 2008, she brushed aside the divorce theories that were whispered about after Komuro was arrested in a 500 million yen fraud case involving the transfer of copyrights. She told those around her that she would continue to support Mr. Komuro to the best of her ability, overcoming the opposition of those around her. In November of the same year that Mr. Komuro was released on bail, we attempted a direct interview with him when he appeared at a shrine holding hands with KEIKO.

He said, “…One thing I can say is that I am just a musician who loves to write lyrics, compose music, and have KEIKO sing for me. I couldn’t forget that.”

He said. At this point, KEIKO’s face, which gently fell, was impressive. If Mr. Komuro has not forgotten these words, then it is quite possible that globe will be active again, and that they will return to the stage. If Mr. Komuro has not yet forgotten these words, I think it is quite possible that globe will be active again, and that he will return to the stage.

Holding Mr. Komuro’s hand, who had lost his physical strength and was unsteady on his feet, and urging him to slowly descend the stairs.
In 2009, when they had given up their mansion and were staying at the home of the vice president of Avex, KEIKO’s expression clearly showed her fatigue.
  • Photo Toshikatsu Tanaka, Akifumi Yoshida

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