Hezumaryu, the “annoying man”, makes his next move after being “quickly eliminated” in Yamaguchi’s supplementary election | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hezumaryu, the “annoying man”, makes his next move after being “quickly eliminated” in Yamaguchi’s supplementary election

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Hezumaruru, a candidate in the Yamaguchi supplementary election for the House of Councillors, was “seconds away” from winning with over 6800 votes…

On October 24, a supplemental election for the Yamaguchi constituency of the House of Councillors was held, and Masahiro Harada, aka “Hezumaruru”, a former annoying YouTube personality who ran for office as a candidate for the NHK Party (NHK Party) for violating Article 72 of the Lawyers Act, was eliminated “in a flash”. “The vote closed at 8 p.m.

The results were announced in a preliminary report at 8:00 p.m., when the voting closed. Mr. Tsuneo Kitamura of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) won the election with 307,894 votes, 70% of the total, while the runner-up, Ms. Kiyoyo Kawai of the Communist Party (CPP), received 92,532 votes.

Mr. Hezuma came in last, with 6,809 votes, or about 1.7% of the total, probably due to the low voter turnout of 36.5%. Immediately after the polls opened, Mr. Hesuma tweeted about Mr. Kitamura’s election and his low turnout, saying, “What is this?

On the day of the announcement on August 7, Hesuma took the microphone in front of the Yamaguchi prefectural office and said

“I’m sorry, Governor of Yamaguchi Prefecture!

Hezma’s first words were, “I’m sorry, Governor Yamaguchi! Last year, he moved around the prefecture while infected with a new type of corona, and was told by Governor Tsugumasa Muraoka, “How dare you!

“How dare you!

This was his answer to the governor’s anger. On April 10, while making a speech in front of JR Tokuyama Station in Shunan City, a woman gave him a hard time and poked him with a microphone. Mr. Hazuma reported the incident to the police, and the woman and the man accompanying her were questioned by the police.

“The people of the prefecture were beyond angry and gasped. The only people who were curious were children and young people without the right to vote. Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter if they are interested in him…” (reporter, local newspaper)

In contrast, he was popular among YouTube users. In Shimonoseki, youtubers came with their cameras in hand and asked Mr. Hezuma for a commemorative photo. Holding the Mentos and Coke that are synonymous with him, he complied with a smile.

“The aim of the still unknown YouTuber was to gain views by making a “collaboration video” with Mr. Hazuma. However, since Mr. Hazuma is being watched by the management of YouTube, there is a possibility that channels with few subscribers will be banned (deleted) if they show his video.

On the 23rd, the last day of the election, Mr. Hezma was not in Yamaguchi Prefecture, but in Tokyo. The Public Election Law allows him to work outside his district, and he declared that he would “handicap the other candidates. Even though it was the final stage of his campaign, he left Yamaguchi and traveled to Hiroshima, Osaka, Nagoya, Shizuoka, and on the last day, he gave speeches in Shibuya and Akihabara in Tokyo.

On the last day, he gave speeches in Tokyo, Shibuya, and Akihabara. “Normal people would say, ‘Don’t underestimate the election! But Mr. Hezma’s goal is to sell his name. In fact, his movements were reported on news sites, and he even made national news.

Even on the day the vote was cast, it was Mr. Hazuma’s “instant kill” that dominated the news. For him, it must have been ‘just as well’,” said a sports reporter.

He got 6,809 votes, which is overwhelmingly the lowest, but if you look at it from a different perspective, the fact that over 6,800 votes were cast for a man who has “done so much wrong” can be interpreted as “giving him a chance to become more positive.

Hezma had promised to “retire from social networking” if he didn’t get 10,000 votes, but he can’t have his own YouTube channel to begin with. He could have changed his name and set up a different account on Twitter.

On the contrary, Takashi Tachibana, a member of the NHK party, is planning to run Mr. Hezuma again in the Yamaguchi gubernatorial election next February and the upper house election next summer. It seems that Mr. Hezma will not “go into hiding” just because he was not elected this time. According to the aforementioned sports newspaper reporter

According to a sports reporter, “When he ran for office, his father “disowned” him, saying, ‘You stupid bastard! “He has nothing to lose. He has nothing to lose, so he can do whatever he wants.

He has nothing to lose, so he can do whatever he wants. The word “remorse” may not exist in this man’s mind.

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