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Shizuka Kudo’s “Sleeveless 2-shot with Cocomi” is a delight!

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This is Shizuka Kudo with Koki. You can see how close they are (Photo: Yusuke Kondo)

Singer Shizuka Kudo’s Instagram photo of herself with her eldest daughter, flutist Cocomi, has become a hot topic on the Internet. Comments such as “Goddess,” “Great,” and “It’s like a dream” poured in.

The two will appear in the sound stage series “Nishi Honganji Oto Butai” which will be broadcasted on TBS nationwide from midnight on the 24th. The photo uploaded by Kudo is a scene from the shooting. An orchestra can be seen behind the two of them. Incidentally, Kudo is wearing a white sleeveless dress, which shows off her amazingly good figure for a 51-year-old. Next to her, Cocomi wears an elegant black see-through dress.

Incidentally, Kudo has released one more photo. It’s a close-up shot of Kudo’s face, and the expression on her face as she sings lustily is full of mature charm.

The “Oto-butai” series is a musical project that “sets up a stage at temples that are said to be representative of Japan’s famous temples, with the theme of ‘the encounter between East and West'” (according to the official website). This time, “Nishi Honganji Oto Butai” was recorded without an audience on September 4.

I sang “Inochi no uta” (Song of Life) by Mariya Takeuchi. I sang ‘Inochi no Uta’ by Mariya Takeuchi, with Takatsugu Muramatsu’s delicate, powerful and persuasive piano. Mr. Takatsugu Muramatsu’s delicate, powerful and persuasive piano, Mr. Dai Miyata’s sweet and deeply expressive cello, Ms. Cocomi’s passionate, straight and stretchy flute, and the orchestra’s performance were all wonderful. And don’t miss the orchestra’s performance! Please check it out!” (from Kudo’s Instagram account)

Cocomi started learning violin at the age of three and flute at the age of eleven, studying under Professor Kanda Hiroaki Kanda of Toho Gakuen School of Music, the principal flutist of the NHK Symphony Orchestra, and also under the tutelage of world-renowned piano player Vladimir Ashkenazy and flutist Emmanuel Pahud.

Fans were delighted to see a dream collaboration between a national idol and her proud daughter! “There were comments such as, “I’m really looking forward to my first performance with Koko-chan.

I can’t take my eyes off this strong father and daughter any more. ……!

  • Photo Yusuke Kondo

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