The “Kiritori” article is increasing the risk… The TV industry is “getting rid of wide shows and entertainment stories”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “Kiritori” article is increasing the risk… The TV industry is “getting rid of wide shows and entertainment stories”.

The staff saw it! Behind the Scenes of Weekly TV

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He harshly pursued Yoshimoto Kogyo during the black market issue that led to the departure of Hiroyuki Miyasako (52), formerly of “Ameagari Kesshitai,” and others. Kato was praised by viewers. ……

The morning information program “Sukkiri” (NTV), which has been running for about 17 years, will end next spring.

The program’s content has been called into question many times, including last summer when the BPO (Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization) pointed out a violation of broadcasting ethics due to inappropriate language concerning the Ainu people. Fuji Television’s noon information program “Pop Up!” that started this spring has failed to improve in viewer ratings and has already been terminated by the end of the year. The successor program, “Poka Poka,” was announced to be a noon entertainment program produced by a variety group. The TV industry is now moving away from wide shows,” said an ad agency official.

TBS was one of the first to steer away from “wide shows.

The company terminated its “Good Luck! was terminated and “Lavit! started last spring. Immediately after its launch, the show was questioned for its stance of ranking gourmet foods in the morning without covering any current topics, but now it has become a “morning comedy show” that has been well received by viewers who have missed the show. At the end of the year, the program will be broadcast in prime time for the first time, and it has grown into the face of TBS.

Speaking of TBS, after the summer when the former Unification Church became a social issue, NTV’s “Information Live Miyaneya” once again took over the “king of daytime programs,” but “Gogosuma – GOGO! Perhaps studying the success of the two programs, “Hiruobi,” hosted by Toshiaki Megumi (57), is spending less and less time on entertainment news.

TBS had been using a well-known entertainment desk clerk, Mr. I, who works for an affiliate company, in its own wide-ranging program, but “the old style was renewed at the end of last year,” says a source at TBS.

Mr. I has many acquaintances among executives of major entertainment companies and media people in charge of entertainment, and he sometimes presided over press conferences. He was often in charge of press conferences, and it was common to see staff members of entertainment companies and record companies visiting him to make sales pitches, but after the COVID-19 crisis, that stopped, and he no longer received much of his own material. It is likely that the upper management thought it was time to part ways with him and the wide-ranging news programs.

In the end, even the executive-level management came out and gave him the go-ahead.

Other stations besides TBS are also moving away from entertainment stories.

The most symbolic example is Hitoshi Matsumoto’s (59) call for a ban on “Kiritori” articles on “Wide Nah Show” (Fuji TV), but recently, so-called “Kotatsu” articles in sports and other newspapers that cut out parts of what was said on the program have been causing an increase in flames. Recently, however, so-called “kotatsu articles” in sports and other newspapers that cut out parts of what was said in a program have been causing more and more flames. As a result, hosts and commentators have begun to make innocuous comments out of fear of being bashed. An increasing number of commentators are turning down offers to appear on wide-ranging TV programs. If they can expect to generate revenue even from missed broadcasts, “Lavit! is more profitable if it can be broadcast on the air.

Will the entertainment industry leave TV along with the wide variety shows?

From the December 16, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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