University professor, UN official, therapist… Not only lawyer Chino Kikuma, but also other female announcers who have made a brilliant career change. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

University professor, UN official, therapist… Not only lawyer Chino Kikuma, but also other female announcers who have made a brilliant career change.

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Chino Kikuma when she was a female announcer at Fuji Television Network. She had a cute dimple when she smiled.

At the age of 26, I had just learned to work, so I didn’t have time to worry about the future or think about the meaning of work. However, I unexpectedly found myself in a situation where I was unable to work, and that is when I started to change my way of thinking about work.

Attorney Chino Kikuma, 50, described how she decided to become a lawyer. Ms. Kikuma joined Fuji Television Network in 1995 as an announcer. In 1998, she fell from a building during a live broadcast of a morning information program and was seriously injured, but returned the following year. In January of this year, he made headlines when he became the managing partner at Matsuo Sogo Law Office, where he works. Since April of this year, she has been a Tuesday commentator on the “Hatori Shinichi Morning Show” (TV Asahi), commenting on human rights issues related to the “Qatar World Cup.

There are many women, led by Kikuma, who have made a spectacular transition from being popular female announcers, and we would like to introduce their current activities.

Ai Aoyama (34), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Ai Aoki from her TV Asahi days performing a dance at an event. Although she wanted to work in news programs, she was sought out for variety shows.

Former TV Asahi announcer Ai Aoyama, who gained popularity on variety shows such as “Matsuko & Ariyoshi no Angry New Party,” left the company in June 2017 to serve as a liaison officer for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) from February 2020, and in April of this year, she joined the UNHCR Ukraine emergency response team He delivered a message as a member of the team.

Yuki Maeda (41), floral artist

Yuki Maeda when she worked at a flower store in Tokyo after leaving TV Asahi.

Former TV Asahi announcer Yuki Maeda was selected as the MC of the soccer information program “Yabecchi FC” six days after joining the company, and has since become the face of the station, sharing popularity with her junior colleague, former TV Asahi announcer Yue Takeuchi (41). She trained as a gardener in England, and after returning to Japan, she worked as a floral artist.

Maki Ohashi (46) Aromatherapist

Mr. Ohashi when we interviewed him directly following the news of his departure from Fuji Television. Her smile is adorable.

Former Fuji Television announcer Maki Ohashi was selected to anchor “Professional Baseball News” in April 2000, her second year with the company, and became extremely popular, but left in March 2001 to study abroad. Although she was active as an announcer for only three years, she left a strong impression. After returning to Japan, she began her career as an aromatherapist, which was quite pioneering at the time.

Keiko Yashio, 53, Professor at Toyo Gakuen University

Keiko Yashio, the first popular TV idol at TV Tokyo

Keiko Yashio is a former announcer for TV Tokyo. She was the hostess of “Admire! After leaving the company in 2003, she studied business administration and became an associate professor at Kwansei Gakuin University’s School of Commerce and a special visiting professor at Gakushuin University’s School of Business Administration before assuming her current position at the university in 2016.

Mitsuko Yorikon, Pioneer of Female Announcers Who Became Talent

Mitsuko Yorikon is a pioneer of the female TV announcer boom with her three key qualities of ability, good looks, and popularity. She had a checkered 53-year life.

The late Mitsuko Yorikon, an NHK announcer, moved to Fuji Television in 1981. Her transfer at a high annual salary triggered the “female announcer boom. She later left Fuji Television after marrying the sergeant of the founding family of the Fuji Sankei Group, and returned to NHK in 1993.

After leaving TBS, Minami Tanaka, 36, became a very successful TV personality and actress. Waiting on location for a drama. Next to her is Yuki Sakurai (35).
Misato Ugaki (31), who became a TV personality after leaving TBS. Photo shows her in cosplay at the Ikebukuro Halloween Cosplay Fest 2019.
Kanae Takeuchi (44), a former TBS announcer, became an outside director of “SBI Holdings” in June 2020.
Yuki Ohki, 41, left TV Asahi last December. She started working for a travel agency venture company.
Toko Amamiya, 51, moved to France to study Western art after leaving TBS, and has been the anchor of “NEWS23” since 2016, but is currently active as an essayist.
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