Is she on the verge of giving up? The “convincing reason” why Prince Akishino made no mention of “Mako’s recent situation”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Is she on the verge of giving up? The “convincing reason” why Prince Akishino made no mention of “Mako’s recent situation”.

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HIH Prince Akishino held a press conference on the occasion of his 57th birthday

On November 30, Prince Akishino turned 57 years old. On that occasion, a press conference was held, but she did not give any details about “Mako’s recent situation.

The reporter’s question, “Please tell us about your children,” included the phrase, “Please also tell us about Mako Komuro’s recent situation one year after her marriage. In response, Prince Akishino responded

In response, Akishino no Miya responded, “Next, regarding my eldest daughter, she has asked that I refrain from talking about her recent situation, etc., so I will refrain from doing so here.

I will refrain from talking about it here,” he replied.

The use of the phrase “since it seems that he has asked her to refrain from talking about her own situation, I will refrain from talking about it here, too,” attracted much attention. In fact, His Highness did not communicate directly with Mako. Kako and Noriko are communicating directly with each other, and it seems that the two of them have reported back to each other.

What about the lack of direct communication?

What about the fact that there is no direct communication? “I have heard that Mako herself thinks it would be smoother that way. If His Highness had something he wanted to convey directly to her, he would probably respond accordingly, but it may be that he is aware that it is sufficient to receive reports on recent developments and the state of their lives.

Although the relationship between the two parents is by no means frosty, it is not without a hint of loneliness when viewed from the perspective of a parent-child relationship.

Even if Mako had made such a complaint this time, there might have been room for Akishino no Miya to express her own view. However, as for the reason why he did not mention it at all as a result, it is said that ‘Mako’s distrust of the media’ was strong. Even after Kei Komuro passed the bar exam of the U.S. state of New York on his third try, the couple did not respond to interviews, which suggests that they have no intention of conveying their message through the media.

On the other hand, there is this viewpoint.

On the other hand, there is another viewpoint that says, “Actually, there is a suggestion that His Highness himself may have given up too much. In the first place, His Highness has been asked to explain the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Komuro in detail from time to time because the public does not fully understand it. Since His Highness has shown such a tragic determination, there is a sense of a world of difference between His Highness’s statement this time and the one he made earlier about “not going through with it.

Some observers believe that Mako must have been quite shocked that Prince Akishino’s wishes were not conveyed to her and she entered into what has been described as a “runaway marriage.

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