Hollymon’s Revelation? Chairman Mikitani’s “strange” behavior was targeted by Gershie. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hollymon’s Revelation? Chairman Mikitani’s “strange” behavior was targeted by Gershie.

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Rakuten Chairman Mikitani Revealed by Holliemon to Have Recently “Changed

Businessman Takafumi Horie, a.k.a. “Holliemon,” has “revealed” on his YouTube channel the recent situation of Rakuten Chairman Hiroshi Mikitani, who has been targeted by House of Councilors member Garcie.

The video, which was released on the 29th of last month, features a conversation with YouTuber Junichi Kato.

He talked about his own attempts to buy Fuji TV, and how Masayoshi Son tried to buy TV Asahi, Mikitani tried to buy TBS, and all of them failed.

Both Mr. Son and Mr. Mikitani sold their shares at the price they bought them.

However, Horie was “targeted” and arrested because he made 44 billion yen.

When Mikitani was planning to buy TBS at the time, Horie revealed what was going on behind the scenes, saying, “I talked to someone at TBS.

I asked the TBS people…TBS was about to be bought out by Rakuten, and the TBS people told me to look for scandals about Mikitani. They told me to get rid of him. They were collecting everything, from innuendos to everything else.”

According to Mr. Horie, people in the TBS programming department carried business cards with them and conducted thorough interviews.

Speaking of Mikitani, he and Yoshikazu Higashitani, a.k.a. Garcy, have been enemies and have been exposed in a number of “scandals,” Horie said, referring to them.

Mr. Mikitani was recently exposed by Garcy. I heard that people related to Mr. Mikitani have been providing stories to Gurthy. Mr. Mikitani is in a tight spot these days, so he says ‘thank you’ inside the company.

I heard that he is very strict with his subordinates. He never says thank you for what you did. But recently he started saying it, and it’s really weird.

He said that he never says thank you or anything like that to his subordinates.

Speaking of Mr. Mikitani, his You Tube and Twitter accounts were both banned after Mr. Gershwin “exposed” his dangerous relationships with women. He has since set up his own social networking site, from which he transmits his information.

Mr. Horie also mentioned that

Gurkhey has been crushed, though. Gurkhee has been banned since he started doing Mikitani-san’s stuff.

Kato questioned, “Is there pressure? Horie responded

I think it’s a discovery. Because Google Japan’s biggest advertiser is Rakuten.

He then offered his guess.

Speaking of Mikitani, Rakuten Mobile, which is his main business, posted a 258 billion yen loss for the quarter. He is facing a critical moment as a business manager. Moreover, if the “scandal” exposed by Mr. Gershie is true, he may be under severe pressure.

Is the Gershey cannon really real?

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