Yasuaki Yamazaki, Hayato Sakamoto, Sho Nakata… Famous baseball players “full of aura” hot love photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yasuaki Yamazaki, Hayato Sakamoto, Sho Nakata… Famous baseball players “full of aura” hot love photos

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Yamazaki drives with Mr. M (back row, left) and his girlfriend’s parents in a Mercedes Benz.

The December 1 issue of “FRIDAY” scooped DeNA’s guardian deity Yasuaki Yamazaki (30), and his passionate love life caused quite a sensation.

The couple, Mr. M, who is from Fukuoka Prefecture and three to four years older than Yamazaki, is said to be officially approved by her parents. As proof of this, Yamazaki took M-san and her parents in his Mercedes Benz convertible to a soba noodle restaurant. The man who appeared to be the father was wearing a pair of half pants with Yamazaki’s number “19” printed on them. They were probably Yamazaki’s personal belongings.

Mr. M seems to be living with Mr. Yamazaki in the mansion he built. She cleans the front of the house in her loungewear, receives home deliveries, and goes shopping in Yamazaki’s car. …… She takes care of the housework and is a wife in her own right.

Yamazaki’s reputation was perhaps enhanced by the brazen manner in which he answered reporters’ direct questions. when I spoke to him after he and Mrs. M had returned home, he took her back to his mansion and invited the reporters to a nearby park.

Yamazaki : “We get along well. We go for drives together, but we don’t live together. I have other houses, and …… is my mother’s house.

–Did your mother’s death (in October 2009) have an influence on your poor health over the past few years?

Yamazaki : “Yes, …… my heart was in pain. I loved her the most, and I still love her the most. It was very hard for me to see the people who supported me so closely suffering every day.

Even in such a situation, I have to do my job. I’m a professional, so I don’t mean to be a hard-hearted person. Even though I was in bad shape, I kept on throwing, hoping that my mother would get better. I built this house as a last act of filial piety.

Of course!”

Sakamoto and Rie Tanaka were said to be about to get married when their relationship was announced at the end of 2001.

Contrary to Yamazaki, the Giants’ Hayato Sakamoto (34) has seen his reputation drop dramatically.

The kicker was an allegation of forced abortion reported by Bunshun Online on September 10. According to Bunshun Online, Sakamoto had ongoing physical relations with a woman in her twenties and frequently demanded sexual intercourse without using contraceptives. When a woman told him she was pregnant, he would say, “If I’m going to get her pregnant, the sooner the better, right? If you’ll let me down, I’ll meet with you. The woman, who was mentally driven to the point of suicide, is said to have attempted suicide.

FRIDAY” has reported on Sakamoto’s problems with women several times, and in its March 6, 2003 issue, it published the following testimony from a cabaret club girl, A, with whom he had a relationship.

She suddenly took off her clothes and made me suck her cock, saying, ‘Hurry up and nuzzle me. He had a sweet mask, but he was a rough-looking guy. I asked him to use contraception, but he kept inserting himself into me, and when I begged him to let me out, he replied in an irritated voice, “Of course I have to! I asked him to let me out, and he replied in an irritated voice, “Of course!

In fact, Sakamoto’s relationship with Ms. A coincided with his relationship with a beautiful former rhythmic gymnast.

She is Rie Tanaka, a silver medalist at the Japan Cup in 2010. Sakamoto and Tanaka hit it off because they are both from the Kansai region, and reportedly began dating around the end of 2001. At one point, it was said that their marriage was a “second-guessing” affair, but they broke up shortly afterwards. The reason for the breakup is not clear, but Sakamoto’s problems with women, which have been reported many times, are probably not unrelated to the breakup.

FRIDAY” obtained a photo of Sakamoto and Tanaka in a friendly relationship. Sakamoto puts his face close to Tanaka’s cheek and hugs her from behind. However, when we learn about his reported actions and words, we feel that they are somewhat bland.

Sho Nakata, Seiya Suzuki, Tomoyuki Sugano. …… The photos of famous baseball players in the “Related Images” section show their true faces, which are not seen on the baseball field.

In 2008, their rookie year. Sho Nakata of the Giants (Nippon Ham at the time) was seen with a beautiful mini-skirted woman in Omotesando, Tokyo.
Tomoyuki Sugano and Moeka Nozaki, the Giants’ ace, leaving a supermarket after buying some groceries. 186 cm and 166 cm tall, the couple was quite conspicuous.
Cubs’ Seiya Suzuki and his wife Airi, taken in July 2007, just before they joined the Cubs.
Yoshitomo Tsutsugo was in his 7th year as a pro in 2004. He went to his apartment with a beautiful woman with whom he almost lived together.
March 19. Yakult’s Yasuhiro Ogawa goes on a date with a beautiful woman he met at a blind date party in Ebisu, Tokyo.
November 19. Eito Asamura of Rakuten went to his home with freelance announcer Yuki Tannowa in his car.
March 2007. Yusei Kikuchi, then a member of the Mariners, went to a high-class sushi restaurant in Tokyo with his colleagues accompanied by his wife, Rumi Fukatsu.
March 19, 1964. Yakult baseball player Juri Hara and then-Fuji TV announcer Akiko Kuji emerge from a Tiffany’s restaurant in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.
The only two shots in the world of Hideki Matsui and his wife, February 2007.
July ’01. Ichiro heads to a sushi restaurant with his wife Yumiko after a game in Seattle during his first season in the majors.
During a trip to Sapporo in September 2008, when the outbreak is said to have occurred, Ikuhiro Kiyota, then a member of the Lotte baseball team, was enjoying a meal with his adulterous partner at a sushi restaurant in the city.
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