Manager Arrested! Female Staff Publicly “Sexually Serving” Male Customers in a Restaurant | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Manager Arrested! Female Staff Publicly “Sexually Serving” Male Customers in a Restaurant

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Shibuya restaurant “Sukkiri” where public indecency took place

The head of the largest company in the adult entertainment industry was arrested.

By December 5, the Metropolitan Police Department arrested two suspects, including Komei Asada, 54, chairman of Komei, the company that operates the adult entertainment restaurant Sukkiri (Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo). They are suspected of having a female staff member commit an indecent act publicly in the store. The suspect, Asada, has admitted to the crime.

The suspect, Asada, admitted the crime and said, “‘Komei’ operates more than 20 stores not only in Tokyo but also in Kanagawa and Chiba prefectures. The company claimed to be the ‘largest in the pin salon industry,’ with annual sales of several billion yen. Asada lent his name to another employee (arrested on November 5) and entrusted him with the operation of “Sukkiri. He probably avoided direct management in order to avoid detection by the police.

What was being offered on “Sukkiri” was a surprising sexual service, which was reported in detail in an article in FRIDAY Digital distributed on November 9. The article is reproduced below (some changes have been made to the content of the article).

‘Even though it is a restaurant, indecent acts are taking place.’

In June of this year, the Metropolitan Police Department’s Security Division received several tips. The division immediately launched a reconnaissance investigation. What was taking place in the restaurant was surprisingly indecent.

Registered as a “social restaurant

On November 5, the police investigated a restaurant called “Sukkiri,” where female staff in their 20s were offering sexual services to male customers in their 30s. The police arrest the two people in question, the manager, and eight others on suspicion of public indecency. The female employee and the male customer who was performing the sexual services were released pending disciplinary action.

The police said, “‘Sukkiri’ is in effect a pink salon, but it had only obtained a license for business No. 1 under the Entertainment Establishments Control Law, which falls under the category of social eating and drinking establishments (cabaret clubs, etc.). The majority of male customers are young people in their 20s and 30s. The female staff ranged in age from 18 to 25, and there were about 70 of them.

The catchphrase was “We are sorry. We only have kawaii girls in our store. The store recruited staff, mainly college girls and freelancers, online, and dressed them in gym clothes in the fall for Sports Day and Santa Claus and reindeer in the winter,” said a reporter for a national newspaper.

Sukkiri” was popular for its sexual services, with a high of nearly 200 customers a day. The fee ranged from 7,000 yen to 18,000 yen, and female staff members could be selected free of charge. According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, sales have totaled 150 million yen since May of this year.

The arrested managers all admitted to performing sexual services. They made statements to the police, saying. ‘Public indecency was part of our business system,’ and ‘We instructed our female employees to strip naked if requested by customers.

What kind of public indecency was taking place in the restaurant when the crime was discovered on November 5?

Both the female staff member and the male customer who was caught red-handed were completely naked. The sexual services were performed in a box seat, but there was no door, and the partition between the seat next to it and the one next to it was purposely lowered so that the service could be seen from the surrounding area. The service was in full view from the aisle.

There are nine box seats in the restaurant. On the day of the incident, there were 15 female staff members working there. Public indecency must have been taking place every day. The manager and others told investigators that they thought they would eventually be caught because of the structure of the restaurant, which allows people to see inside the seats.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is making efforts to uncover stores that engage in illegal obscenity.

  • Photo by Shinji Hasuo

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