Daiga Kyomoto of “SixTONES” shows his “overwhelming sex appeal” on location at the seaside. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Daiga Kyomoto of “SixTONES” shows his “overwhelming sex appeal” on location at the seaside.

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Kyomoto gets off the location bus and heads to the shooting location with a cool expression on her face

In early October, a large location bus was parked along a road in the Rinkai area of Tokyo. A few high school girls in school uniforms were standing on the sidewalk right next to it, but they appeared to be extras and were about to be on location for a drama. After a while, Daiga Kyomoto (28) of “SixTONES” got off the bus.

Kyomoto is currently starring in the drama series “Sokanema no Ichibana,” which is currently airing. Kyomoto plays Akifumi Mangi, a university lecturer who teaches philosophy. He is popular because it is easy to earn credits as a lecturer, but few students take his classes seriously. He becomes closer to a student, Chidahara Ichika, played by Fujiwara Sakura (26), who always takes his classes seriously, but they have both been told that they have little time left to live.

This is Kyomoto’s first solo starring role in a drama, and it has been well received, with many on SNS expressing surprise at his acting ability. Fans who are used to seeing Kyomoto’s acting on stage are also surprised by his acting skills.

(According to a drama production source) Many said they were especially attracted to Kyomoto’s “eye acting.

One commenter said, “I was almost moved to tears just by watching the expression in his eyes in spite of the few words he used.

“I could feel the desperation just from the movement of her eyes.

Kyomoto’s natural acting, which is different from that of the stage, has been attracting much attention.

On location, both Kyomoto and Fujiwara seemed to have already gotten into their roles, and their expressions were tense and tense. They occasionally engaged in conversation with the staff and Fujiwara, but Kyomoto kept a crisp look in his eyes. The women extras seemed to ogle at his cool expression. There is no doubt that Kyomoto will receive more drama offers in the future.

Kyomoto heads to the set while chatting with her co-star Fujiwara. The two seem to be in perfect sync.
The girls waiting for the extras were also excited to see Kyomoto.

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