Takafumi Horie: “I don’t hate” comment about the insulated Hiroyuki could lead to a resumption of ties. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Takafumi Horie: “I don’t hate” comment about the insulated Hiroyuki could lead to a resumption of ties.

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Hiroyuki Nishimura (left) and Takafumi Horie (right) have been insulated since last year’s gyoza riots. They had a honeymoon period, but…

On November 29, businessman Takafumi Horie, a.k.a. “Holliemon,” reiterated his feelings about Hiroyuki Nishimura, a.k.a. “Hiroyuki” who has been “insulated” from him since last year on his YouTube channel.

The video features a conversation with Junichi Kato, a You Tuber, as a guest. Mr. Kato has been in contact with Mr. Hiroyuki and they are mutual acquaintances.

Horie and Hiroyuki had been a high-profile influencer duo, appearing together in the media and having a long-running series of conversations in magazines. However, their relationship changed last March when Horie got into trouble with a gyoza restaurant over the wearing of a mask.

However, the relationship between the two changed last March when Horie got into trouble with the gyoza restaurant over the issue of wearing masks. Concerned about this, Hiroyuki helped the gyoza restaurant through crowdfunding and other means, and as a result, Horie was “demonized” by the public.

In addition to the gyoza restaurant incident, Hiroyuki often teased Horie on his You Tube and Twitter pages. Mr. Horie became angry, saying, “Hiroyuki makes fun of people,” and he insulated himself from him. The serialization ended, and they have not been in contact for more than a year and a half since last year.

In this video, Kato mentions his relationship with Hiroyuki, saying, “(Horie) got into a fight with him…” Horie responds, “Well, mainly…

Mr. Horie confessed, “Well, mainly…I don’t like Hiroyuki’s wife.”

(Mr. Horie) got into a fight with him,” Mr. Horie replied, “Well, mainly. In fact, when Mr. Hiroyuki and Mr. Horie had a dispute, Mr. Hiroyuki’s wife had also expressed her bitterness to Mr. Horie on Twitter and helped her husband out. Mr. Horie still can’t seem to forgive her for that.

Mr. Kato continued

When Mr. Kato asked, “So you don’t “super-hate” Hiroyuki himself?

Mr. Horie nodded several times, but Mr. Kato replied.

You like him!

Mr. Kato replied, “You like him!

Mr. Kato replied, “I don’t like him or dislike him, but his wife annoys me.”

He added, “I don’t like her or dislike her, but… my wife is annoying. When Kato told him that Hiroyuki had said “Horie-san hates me,” Hiroyuki replied, “I can’t help it.

He said, “It can’t be helped. I don’t have much to gain in the end, so…. Because I’m not productive. I don’t think it’s very good to make fun of productive things and be oblique about them.

You will attract the support of people like that. That’s why I don’t like that. I want to support people who are working hard. I don’t like people who make fun of them. In that regard, I said, “Let’s never get involved again.

He again denied that they were getting back together.

I’ve seen him say several times that his wife is annoying, but I think it’s rare for him to admit that he doesn’t hate Hiroyuki. The two have known each other since the early 2000s.

When Mr. Horie was imprisoned in 2011, it was Hiroyuki who accompanied him. I think there are many fans who feel lonely because they have been insulated from each other due to a trivial matter, even though they are supposed to be a “rotten relationship. It seems like there is just one more push left, and if Hiroyuki apologizes honestly, they may be able to get back together, but I have not seen him apologize honestly…” (A person involved in the publishing industry)

Will the two influencers who supported the dawn of IT ever collaborate again?

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