Whether in Tahiti or Lake Ashinoko… “Amazing collection of hot images” of former representatives of Japan. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Whether in Tahiti or Lake Ashinoko… “Amazing collection of hot images” of former representatives of Japan.

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Hidetoshi Nakata, “Tahiti Hot Love,” November 24, 2006

A scene that looks like a foreign fashion magazine

Japan’s rapid progress may be real: In the third round of the FIFA Qatar World Cup group league, the Japanese national team won 2-1 against Spain, the favorites to win the tournament. Japan topped the group league and advanced to the final tournament for the second consecutive time. The 2-1 victory over Germany in their first match, which was also against a favorite to win the tournament, certainly helped Japan ride the wave, but it also attracted the attention of a legend who watched this first-round match from the bleachers with an even more passionate eye than others.

The two legends who were watching the first match from the stands were Tomoyoshi Miura, 55, aka “King Kazu,” who experienced the “Doha Tragedy” and was not selected to represent Japan at the FIFA World Cup in France, his first appearance in the tournament, but is still a legend in the world of Japanese soccer, and the two players who have represented Japan in three consecutive World Cups, and who are still active in Japan’s national team. Hidetoshi Nakata (45), who represented Japan at three consecutive World Cups.

Kazu was wearing a suit with a big blue scarf wrapped around it, and Nakata was sitting on a red seat in a tight suit with a checked shirt. The two men, both of whom had played in Serie A, looked so cool that it was as if they were watching an Italian opera.

(Sports newspaper reporter) Speaking of national team players of that time, nightlife was the norm. Not only sports but also entertainment magazines followed them on a daily basis. We have collected some images of these former World Cup players and the two members of the “Doha Tragedy” team.

Hidetoshi Nakata announced his retirement from soccer at the young age of 29, just 10 days after being eliminated from the first round of the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany.

I want to graduate from the journey of professional soccer and embark on a journey to find a “new me,” he said, disappearing from public life.

Nakata disappeared from public life. Three months later, this magazine found Nakata enjoying a vacation with a beautiful woman on a beach in Tahiti. Her name is Shirayuki (20 at the time). She was a half-Japanese-Chinese model who had appeared in car commercials. In 2003, this magazine also caught Nakata enjoying lunch with Yamaguchi Moe (then 26) at a Chinese restaurant in Daikanyama.

Nakata enjoying a lunch date with Moe Yamaguchi. No matter when, where, or with whom, Nakata always maintains his cool demeanor.

Speaking of Nakata, he has been on a different scale in the way he plays with Rie Miyazawa (49) and Naomi Campbell, as evidenced by the leaked photo of him kissing her and the rumors about her. It is no exaggeration to say that he was the first Japanese soccer player to be named a “world celebrity.

He was also a legend in terms of his relationships with women.

King Kazu on a movie date with Risako Shitara (October 9, 1992 issue)

A rare pre-marriage shot of King Kazu with his wife Risako, when he was still called “Kazoo.

His wife, Risako Shitara (54), accompanied him to the FIFA Qatar World Cup, and Shitara published a two-shot photo of her and King Kazu on her blog. They are famous as the “mandarin duck” couple of the soccer world, and their first two-shot was captured when King Kazu was 25 years old, when he was still known as “Kazoo. After seeing a movie in Shibuya, the two headed to an Italian restaurant in Azabu (Minato Ward) in Kazu’s Porsche. They kissed passionately in front of the restaurant and entered. Kazoo’s “date man” persona was already “king” from this moment on.

Koji Nakata secretly meets Ryoko Yonekura, May 4, 2001 issue.

This man is probably the most popular man in the world of soccer. His charm that captivated Ryoko Yonekura and Ai Kato is considerable.

Koji Nakata (then 21) was the national volleyball player for the 2002 FIFA Japan-Korea World Cup. A year earlier, this magazine had captured Nakata going to the apartment of Ryoko Yonekura (then 25). Their relationship had begun about two months earlier, and Nakata was so infatuated with Yonekura that he commuted by cab all the way from Kashima, Ibaraki Prefecture, home of his then club, Kashima Antlers, to Yonekura’s apartment in central Tokyo. However, they broke up a short time after this report. Nakata then began dating actress Ai Kato (39).

Kawaguchi Yoshikatsu and a flamboyant beauty in full-body Chanel, September 26, 1997.

After his marriage, Kawaguchi is known as a loving wife, but in his 20s, he was a “playboy” who appeared in this magazine on an unusually large number of occasions.

The most popular man among keepers is undoubtedly Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi (47). On this day, Kawaguchi appeared at a tourist spot near Lake Ashi with a tall, flamboyant beauty dressed all in Chanel. However, Kawaguchi stubbornly denied it when directly interviewed by this magazine, saying, “I am not dating anyone. Considering how popular he was and how much fun he was having at that time, he could not admit it…

Santoso Alessandro dated a normal woman in his hometown, November 1, 2002 issue.

Santos has a very solid relationship with women.

Alessandro Santos, 45, was a regular member of the national team for four years from the 2002 FIFA Japan/Korea World Cup to the 2006 FIFA Germany World Cup. He was found on a date with a woman he was dating at the time, who worked at a department store, in Shizuoka Prefecture, the hometown of Shimizu S-Pulse, the team he was playing for at the time. The following year, the couple happily hit the goal line.

Current World Cup representative Gaku Shibasaki & Erina Mano’s “horse shabu” dinner, August 2, 2019

Truly the most beautiful couple in the world of soccer!

Already a married couple, Gaku Shibasaki (30) and Erina Mano (31) visited a restaurant specializing in horse meat on the night before their wedding reception two days later. They enjoyed “Sakura Shabu Shabu” together with a man they know. Although he has not been able to play in the FIFA Qatar World Cup, he has been supporting the team not only as a reserve member but also as a veteran.

Shuhiro Takeda, the most playful man in the world of soccer, scores goals with three beautiful women in a row, Feb. 19, 1993 issue.

Takeda was a symbol of the “popularity bubble” and “annual salary bubble” in the soccer world.

Last but not least is Shuhiro Takeda, 55, who shared popularity with King Kazu in the early days of Japanese professional soccer. At that time, Takeda’s annual salary was an unprecedented 85 million yen (estimated). The richest and most popular man in the world of soccer enjoyed meeting beautiful women day after day. At that time, he took home three beautiful women in just a few days. Even after this news report, his popularity did not wane, but rather his fan base continued to grow.

Takeda was very popular with a lot of beautiful women at that time.

Members of the Japan national team. After returning to Japan, they will enter the season with their respective club teams. They may not have time to play at all.

  • Photo Keisuke Nishi (1st, 2nd, 8th), Katsumi Ishida (4th), Toshihiro Nakaikawa (5th right), Takahiro Kagawa (5th left), Takehiro Yubari (7th), Takehiko Kohiyama (9th, 10th)

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