Fears of Mako-san-ization in “Kako’s Marriage” Seen at Prince Akishino’s Press Conference | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fears of Mako-san-ization in “Kako’s Marriage” Seen at Prince Akishino’s Press Conference

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Her younger sister, Kako, who encouraged Mako Komuro (left) to get married. Her sister, Kako, who encouraged Mako Komuro (left) to get married, has also attracted attention regarding her own marriage…

As for marriage, we are not discussing anything in particular at this moment.

At a press conference held on the occasion of her birthday on November 30, Prince Akishino, the heir to the throne, answered a question about Kako’s marriage.

At this press conference, we also asked what Prince Akishino’s thoughts were on the discussion of the option for the Inner Princess to remain in the Imperial Family after her marriage. In response to the question, His Highness said, “With regard to respecting my daughter’s wishes, I have always taken the position that I would respect her wishes as much as possible. He implied that the marriage would be in accordance with Kako’s wishes, even though he made no reference to the institution.

Since the marriage of their eldest daughter, Mako Komuro, last year, public attention has shifted to the marriage of their second daughter, Kako.

Kako, who will turn 28 at the end of December, is in what is called the “marriageable age. Reporters in charge of the Imperial Household are all busy “looking for a partner for Kako.

In the past, there have been reports of Kako’s dating relationships with a sergeant at Fuji Express, a Japanese student she met while studying in England, and an elite dentist from her days at Gakushuin, but none of these are beyond the realm of rumor. However, I suspect that she will eventually get married like Mako and leave the Imperial Family,” said a reporter in charge of the Imperial Household.

Since this spring, Princess Kako has been actively engaged in her official duties, taking into consideration the situation of the corona infection.

While working part-time at the All Japan Federation of the Deaf, she also serves as president of the Japan Tennis Association and the Japan Crafts Association, which she took over from Mako.

In addition, he has been on a “rush of official duties,” attending a series of ceremonies not only in Tokyo but also in other parts of Japan. Some people involved with the royal family say that this may be due to her impending marriage.

Since the Princess Kako has been known as an “overly beautiful PRINCESS PRINCESS,” the public is expected to be even more excited than Mako’s when the marriage officially takes place. However, the question of whether or not Kako and Mako will be able to marry is still a concern.

If Kako follows the imperial family’s custom and gets married after all the related events, there is a strong possibility that she will hold the wedding ceremony in Japan. At that time. The question of whether or not Mako and Kei Komuro can be invited to the wedding ceremony will come up.

When asked about Mako at the press conference, Akishino no Miya replied, “She is not the one to talk about her recent situation.

When asked about Mako at the press conference, Akishino no Miya said, “She asked me to refrain from talking about her recent situation and other personal matters.

He avoided mentioning the subject at his own request.

She said, “‘I am sure that Mako, who suffers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), does not want to return to Japan and once again be the focus of public attention and criticism,’ she said. On the other hand, she must want to attend the wedding of Kako, who supported her by accompanying her in the waiting room right up to her wedding press conference last October….

It depends on how the public opinion at that time is viewed, but since Ms. Kei Komuro has also passed the NY State bar exam, it will ultimately be the decision of His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino. However, His Highness did not mention Mr. Komuro’s name at this press conference, and it may take more time for him to be recognized…” (A former member of the Akishino family)

We wonder if Mako and her husband will be able to attend Kako’s celebration in the near future…

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