Justin Bieber: Why is Justin Bieber sightseeing in Japan even though his tour is postponed? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Justin Bieber: Why is Justin Bieber sightseeing in Japan even though his tour is postponed?

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Justin Bieber and Haley Bieber walking in Nagoya Station. The overwhelming aura of the couple made fans stand on end.

On November 19, Justin Bieber (28) caused a stir on the Internet when he appeared in Shibuya dressed in a character costume and made a “sneak visit” to Japan. After that, his wife, model Haley Bieber (26), also came to Japan and enjoyed a week-long trip to Japan, which was uploaded on Justin’s Instagram every day.

In Tokyo, they visited a high-end sushi restaurant, Tokyo Tower, and TeamLab Planets. He also held a birthday party for Haley, who celebrated her 26th birthday during his visit to Japan, and the two then traveled to Iseshima, where they stayed at a luxury resort hotel. There were many sightings of them in Tokyo, but once they moved to Ise, they enjoyed playing golf in or near the hotel and enjoyed a relaxing trip with few sightings,” said a music magazine editor.

We caught a glimpse of their relieved moment on the platform of Nagoya station on their way back to Tokyo.

Haley was holding Justin’s sleeve and walking with him, leaning firmly against him. They didn’t look tired and were walking briskly.

Speaking of Justin, his Japan tour was originally scheduled for this November. However, in June of this year, he confessed to having Ramsey-Hunt syndrome, which causes partial paralysis of the face. He then took a break and returned to the tour in September, but announced that he would take a break again. The reason was to prioritize his health. This time, Justin seems to be in pretty good physical condition as far as I can tell during his stay in Japan.

Justin is a big Japanophile, and he was quite disappointed that the Japan tour was postponed. Even though Justin was not back in good enough shape to perform live, I think he really wanted to show up in front of his Japanese fans. I think his guerrilla-like appearances in Shibuya and frequent Instagram posts were his own way of showing consideration for his fans.

Perhaps his consideration was received, because there were no complaints from fans who had been looking forward to the concert, and they welcomed Justin’s enjoyment of his trip to Japan. We hope that when Justin returns to full health, he will make his Japan tour a success.

Justin Bieber suddenly appeared in Shibuya, and people panicked!
Mr. and Mrs. Bieber in 2019. The paparazzi will be chasing them wherever they are in the world Photo: aflo
Justin Bieber and Haley Bieber back to normal after their wedding. Photo: Backgrid/Afro
The two were visiting friends in the morning. The way they kissed in the sunlight with drinks in their hands was like a scene from a movie. photo: Afro
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