Fans Got Hooked On “Kamakuradono No 13-Nin” for their Episodes with Half Naked Sexy Lead Actors! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans Got Hooked On “Kamakuradono No 13-Nin” for their Episodes with Half Naked Sexy Lead Actors!

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Ichihara came out of a public gym in 2016. A customer who was in the gym said, “I was amazed see him running at full speed on the tredmill at the gym and working out silently with his dumbbells.

The staple of NHK’s historical dramas nowadays is the main actors taking off their clothes.

In the 42nd episode “Yume no Yukue” (broadcast on November 6), Hayato Ichihara (35) always showed off his chest, giving us a glimpse of his prominent pectoral muscles. He played the role of Tomoya Hatta, who pulls a boat that has crashed into the beach as hard as he half naked.

Since this scene was Ichihara’s last scene in the film, people on social networking sites were saying

“A service shot at the end, lol!”

on SMS. In the same scene, Yoshimura Miura, played by Koji Yamamoto (46), who was watching from the audience, also was half naked, which caused some people asking on SMS, “Why did he take off his clothes?”

Why did you take off your clothes?”

“Is this a body building competition.”

“It’s a Muscle festival!”

On November 25, Shun Oguri (39), who plays the lead actor Yoshitoki Hojo, appeared live on NHK’s “Asaichi” program. He revealed a secret story about the filming of the scene. It turned out that Yamamoto’s “taking off” was actually scripted, while Ichihara’s “taking off” was ad-libbed. Oguri added, “Yamamoto is still taking off his clothes.”

Yamamoto is going to take off more clothes!”

The internet is getting more and more excited by this preview.

In recent years, it has become a standard practice for NHK Taiga dramas to showcase the actor’s well-trained body. In “Yae no Sakura,” Hidetoshi Nishijima (51)’s prominent pectoral muscles became viral as well as Koshi Yamamoto’s body in “Sanadamaru.” In “Harutensuke”, Ryo Yoshizawa (28) showed off his muscular, toned body. In “Kamakura-dono,” we may be able to see Oguri, who is said to be the most sexy of them all, take off his clothes at the very end.

The show was able to hook the audience in so many different ways, and their tactics are working so well!

Yamamoto is 30 years old. From that time on, his chest and fashion were both quite sexy.
Yamamoto at age 31. He is dressed in all black and looks alluring.
Yamamoto at 39. He still wears the same “yan-cha” fashion paired with his sexy eyes.
Oguri at age 32. He looked quite slim before, but his chest became thicker around this time.
Compared to Ryo Narita (middle) and Yudai Chiba (right), Oguri’s broad shoulders are exceptional. He is expected to be the sexiest among these group, so there are high expectations for him to show off half naked too in the show.
Hiroyuki Takagishi (30) played the role of Tadatsune Nita in “Timondi.” There is also a rumor that he has the biggest built among all the actors.
  • Photo Ippei Hara, Sota Shima (2nd and 6th), Yasuko Funamoto, Keisuke Nishi, Kojiro Yamada, Yuri Adachi

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