Sei Tanaka, arrested for extortion, has a tattoo of his tongue sticking out. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sei Tanaka, arrested for extortion, has a tattoo of his tongue sticking out.

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The defendant was photographed at his restaurant in Nishiazabu, Tokyo. He looks like he’s in a good mood (from the June 16, 2005 issue of “FRIDAY”).

Get your 100,000 ears together and pay up, even if it’s just for a second!

The defendant, 37-year-old Sei Tanaka, a former member of “KAT-TUN,” is said to have sent a message to a female acquaintance in her 30s living in Kyoto City, threatening her in this way.

On November 29, Tanaka, who is accused of violating the Methamphetamine Control Law (use and possession), was on trial at the Matsudo branch of the Chiba District Court. Tanaka appeared in court wearing a black suit and glasses. This was his third arrest for methamphetamine, and his lawyer asked him an unusual question.

I’ve known him for a long time. Can you do it, Sei?”

Tanaka declared, “I can do it. I thought shallowly about quitting drugs. I want to face myself from now on. However, …….


A bizarre image that defendant Tanaka published on his Instagram in January of this year

After court closed, Tanaka was taken into custody by Kyoto Prefectural Police officers at the medical facility in Chiba Prefecture where he was hospitalized. He was taken directly from Tokyo Station to Kyoto on the Shinkansen bullet train. He is suspected of extorting a female acquaintance, Ms. A.

Last June, Mr. Tanaka was introduced by Ms. A to perform at a live concert. However, when she did not pay him the fee, he threatened her by sending her messages on LINE saying, “Pay up,” “How far do you think you can go?

Ms. A transferred 10,000 yen to Tanaka. In response to the police investigation, Tanaka said, “I can’t say anything right now. I will think about it after consulting with my lawyer.

FRIDAY” has often reported Tanaka’s bizarre behavior. The following testimonies have been published: a full-body tattoo photo uploaded to his Instagram page, an image taken at a restaurant he runs with his eyes peeled back and tongue sticking out, and a drug request line to a female acquaintance using a secret language: ……. The following testimonials from related persons are also published (June 16, 2005 issue).

A man who looked like a drug dealer came to the store and handed something to Tanaka. I asked him, “What’s that? I asked him, and he said, ‘It’s shabu. He always had a small, 2-cm cone-shaped capsule filled with a white powder that appeared to be methamphetamine. There were many times when he was obviously high.

There were times when he would strip naked on top of his body in the store and go on a knife-wielding rampage. He would point a knife at a customer and say, “You bitch! I’ll kill you! he would make strange noises. Rioting and breaking things were a regular occurrence.

During the trial for his first arrest for violation of the Methamphetamine Control Law (possession of 0.164 g at a business hotel in Nagoya in February of this year), the presiding judge, Fumihiro Hiraki, expressed his concern as follows.

I don’t think he had much resistance to illegal activities. (I am not without anxiety as to whether or not I will be able to easily get off (drugs).”

The trial, which was scheduled to conclude on November 29, has been rescheduled due to his re-arrest on extortion charges, and the sentencing hearing scheduled for December 13 has been canceled.

A message sent by Tanaka to a female acquaintance. A series of cloaked words for drugs.
A line in which Tanaka is believed to have sent a drug request to an acquaintance in 2005. “Vegetables” is a cloak for marijuana, and “bicycle” is a cloak for cocaine.
Tanaka enjoying himself at a costume party (from the June 23, 2005 issue of “FRIDAY”).
Tanaka at his trial on November 29 (some photos have been doctored).
Tanaka at the time of his arrest for marijuana possession in May 2005.
  • Photo by Shinji Hasuo

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