Game Artist Fujita Speaks Out! I’ll tell you all about my feud with my father. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Game Artist Fujita Speaks Out! I’ll tell you all about my feud with my father.

If things continue as they are, it will be the end for both my father and me! My father is suffering from dementia, my common-law wife takes care of my father only once a week, and I meet my "half-brother" for the first time in 20 years. ...... "The Nonfiction," which was a huge hit following a comedian who is at the mercy of his father's care, has continued to cause confusion in the family relationship since then.

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I plan to inherit property from my father, but there’s no way I can afford it. It may be offset by my father’s debts,” says Fujita.

My anxiety isn’t going away at all. I was hoping that by appearing on TV, the situation would change a little. ……”

So says Fujita, 45, a game entertainer. The Nonfiction” (aired in October on Fuji TV), which followed his complicated family relationship and his father’s dementia, drew a huge response. Although the program ended with a ray of light after overcoming his conflicts, the turmoil in the family relationship continues.

Let us look back again at Fujita’s life. When he was in the first grade, his mother passed away suddenly, and soon after, his father left Fujita behind and became involved in a common-law relationship with the mother of one of Fujita’s classmates, Mrs. A. Fujita survived his childhood alone.

Less than 40 years later, at the age of over 80, his father apologized to Fujita for the past for the first time. He told her that she would inherit his estate. Just after the relationship between father and son seems to have been restored, the father is diagnosed with dementia. As his symptoms gradually worsen, Fujita takes control of his father’s pension. However, the father, who wants to continue to support Ms. A, with whom he still has a relationship, allocates his living expenses to support Ms. A at every opportunity. In the end, Fujita decided to have Mr. A manage his father’s pension. However, …….

Mr. A, who manages the pension, cleans his father’s house and cooks for him about once a week (his father and Mr. A stopped living together about 10 years ago. He lives alone now). (He and his father stopped living together about 10 years ago, and he now lives alone. In addition, I would give him 3,000 yen in cash every week as pocket money. I thought he would take care of my father a little more. ……

Fujita pays his father’s cell phone bill, appliance repair bills, and regular supplies such as rice. In addition, my father has no savings, only a large amount of debt. Fujita will eventually have to pay for this as well. Why did Fujita entrust Mr. A with the management of the pension?

My father lies to me in front of Mr. A, saying things like, ‘My son (Fujita) is spending my money and I’m in trouble. For some reason, Mr. A believed him. And he treated me like a thief. I couldn’t stand it anymore.

My father thinks that he has to show his love for Mr. A with money. But he has no money. I think that’s why he’s trying to look cool by telling lies. I don’t understand it at all.

What worries Fujita more than anything else is the deterioration of his father’s condition. My father’s dementia is getting worse by the day. However, due to his work, it is difficult for Fujita to live with his father.

An elderly man with dementia is living alone. The house where my father lives is in disrepair. In winter, he uses a heater, which is a fire hazard, and he could get hurt in the messy room. I want him to be institutionalized as soon as possible. I am so worried about him. ……

But my father insists that he will never enter a facility. And Mr. A never says to my father, “Why don’t you go to a facility?” I don’t know why. I wonder why. …… I don’t understand Mr. A’s feelings at all.

I don’t want to force my father into an institution, but I can’t let him continue to live alone any longer. However, there is no sign that Mr. A is willing to live with his father. Fujita worries day after day, and his mental burden is approaching its limit.

Another thing that is troubling Fujita is his relationship with his “older brother. In fact, Fujita has an older brother, 12 years older than his father.

My mother had lost her husband, my brother’s father, about 10 years before I was born, and she remarried my father. By the time I can remember, my brother was already living on his own, and since he and my father didn’t get along, he rarely came to our house. We played games together, but he was a “scary person” to me. My father and brother were always yelling and fighting over Mr. A. My father, brother, and I were the three of us. My father, brother, and I never had dinner together or went out anywhere.

Fujita and his brother had never kept in touch or met, but just before the broadcast, they met again for the first time in about 20 years.

Fujita said, “At that time, my brother told me that he didn’t hate my father anymore, but in fact, he didn’t know that my father had dementia and that I was going to inherit his estate. After the broadcast, he called me once but I couldn’t answer, and after that I sent him an e-mail, but he never replied. I don’t know what my brother is thinking. But I’m just too scared to contact him myself.”

I sincerely hope that Fujita will have a bright future.

My father and Fujita. The person in the center of the photo is his common-law wife, Mrs. A.
Fujita and his father in their 20s. At the time, his father was a scary figure to Fujita.

Fujita conveys the charm of retro games
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From the December 2 and 9, 2022 issues of FRIDAY
  • PHOTO Shinji Hamasaki (1st photo), courtesy of Fujita (2nd to 4th photos)

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